When I Started Making Money Online

I remember getting started with my website and my newsletter and telling my VA that this newsletter needed to be a revenue generator and guess what? After a few months, it did generate revenue.  About $300 a month. Barely enough to pay my VA and cover the cost of my CRM!!

Then I found Lisa Sasevich and her Invisible Close sales page.  I was instantly captivated and wanted to know  more. 

In fact I emailed Lisa back then and asked her about the business of the business.  I wanted to know “How do you make money online?”

Fast forward a few years and I have gone through Lisa’s 6 Figure Teleseminar Program, her Speak to Sell Boot Camp and her Impact and Influence Training in San Diego, California.  Who knew back then that I would speak on the same stage along side of her at conferences like eWomenNetwork (I am silently thrilled to know her and think she is a fabulous individual).

I have to say: part of the reason I am able to do this is I learned to do what Lisa so often speaks of “Make money with your thing.”

We all have something we do. Something we are uniquely good at and passionate about.

The problem we often run into is we don’t know how to translate that into a business model, much yet an online business model, a teleseminar, webinar or speaking gig that generates income.

Have you read eMyth? There is a story in this book about a pie maker. She is a fantastic pie maker and she opens a store to sell pies and she becomes the pie maker, the sales person, the cleaner, the accountant – you get the drift. She does it all and soon guess what happens? She hates making pies and she is not making any money from all her hard work.

This happens to so many of us when we start our business because we lack the skills we need to make the business successful.

What I have found is the more I invest in my learning, the busier I get.   Every single time I invest in my skill, not only do I make more money in my business but I can serve my clients even better from what I have learned.

I can honestly say that I took Lisa’s program, 6 Figure Teleseminars last year, applied it to a speaking gig (yes, speaking–not a teleseminar) and made $26,000.  Now that is some Return on Investment.

Here’s the thing though – I did the work.

I invested the money, studied the model she teaches, applied the model to what I was going to do and tried it.  The next time I did it, I generated about $10,000 in sales, and another speaking opportunity from a much smaller audience.

Why am I telling you this? Because I know you may be looking for a way to learn how to make money online too and you may be lacking some skills.  I can teach you all kinds of ways to use Social Media to attract the right audience but Lisa is the pro at teaching you about teleseminars and webinars.

She is about to launch a new program and because I benefited so much from what I learned from her, I wanted to share with you.

Yes, my link is an affiliate link.  That means that if you decide to work with Lisa, she pays me a small fee because I told you about her.  That makes good business sense to me.  The thing is – my story is true.  I wouldn’t tell you about this program and endorse it if it had not worked for me.



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