Oink & Moo

The Oink and Moo

We are up in North Georgia for the summer, and on the weekend, I stopped by a local butcher called The Oink and Moo. ( ) The minute I walked in, I was in foodie heaven. Can you say bourbon, maple, peach breakfast sausage? How about the largest beef short ribs I’ve ever seen? 

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LL Never Go Alone

Never Go Alone

Years ago, when I attended my first large event with 2,000 of my non-closest friends, someone strongly suggested that those of us who knew each other split up and not sit together, tour the expo together, or do pretty much anything together.  The idea was you’d meet more people and have a better experience alone. 

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LL Dont Look Up the Hill

Don’t Look Up

Everyone tells you, “Don’t lose sight of your vision. Begin with the end in mind,” but what if there was a better way? We’re up in Georgia right now, and the morning walks in the community we are staying in are grueling. We are in North Georgia, where mountains and hills are plentiful.  This one

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