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Everywhere you turn today, there seems to be a new shingle popping up advertising that someone else has joined the ranks of business coaching and most of those coaches are being coached by coaches who may or may not have a lot of business expertise.

The coaching industry is tricky so let me start by saying, I am not a traditional business coach.  I am not a certified coach, I’ve never taken a course on coaching, and I am a high school dropout and yet….

I have built several 7-figure profitable companies and have helped many of my clients do the same.

One of my favourite sayings is by Keith J. Cunningham (the original Rich Dad from the book Rich Dad Poor Dad) and it goes like this:

“Your business is not a bathrobe, there is no one size fits all.”

- Keith J. Cunningham

Thus, a one size fits all framework for business advisement is not what you’ll get if you work with me.  I believe that every coaching or advisory engagement should be customized to the specific needs of the individual and business.

If you work with me, you can expect that we will work on the following:


Your Business Strategy

So you have clarity on how to generate income and profits.


Your Marketing

So you know what to do to attract buyers to your business, and how to establish credibility


Your Numbers

You cannot build a successful and profitable company without tracking your sales and expenses and understanding how to read your financial statements.


Doing Hard Things

Growth comes from moving outside of your comfort zone. I will help you do the things that are tripping you up on so you can become the type of business owner you aspire to be.

The best investment you can make in your business is in you. When you, the leader of your business become more strategic, improve your skills and abilities, and learn how to generate the kind of results you want – you become unstoppable.

Don’t you want that for yourself and your family?

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I work well with people who do what they say they will do when they say they will do it, with those who are honest about where they are struggling so I can help them, and with folks who have a deep desire to learn and take action.

I don’t work well with excuse makers, blamers, and or anyone who isn’t willing to do the work.

I am not an internet marketing guru – I won’t teach you how to build online funnels, trip wires, upsells and down sells.

I will help you implement proven business foundations that work.

Here are some of the results I’ve seen my coaching clients attain during our work together:


Quadrupled the size of their business working with me.


Surpassed the 7-figure mark, multiple times (none of them were one hit wonders)


Radically grown their profits and cashflow to 5 and 6 figure levels


Dramatically built their self-confidence and belief in their ability to scale their business and lead their team


Published books they are proud of


Exited their business and got paid what they wanted when they did it.


Reduced the amount of time they spent working in the business so they could actually take a vacation and not worry about what happened when they were gone

Don’t take it from me, this is what some of my clients say:

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