Stop Imitating What Others Do - A black and white photo of some delicious lambchops on a plate with mushroom s and garlic.

Stop Imitating What Others Do

My husband always cooks the lamb, but this time, I decided I was going to do it. I did some research online and found the perfect recipe. It was going to be epic! Spoiler alert: It wasn’t.

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Bet On Yourself In Vegas With Me - Black and White photo of a Las Vegas sign

Bet On You In Vegas With Me

When was the last time you took time away to experience new ideas and new thinking and focused on growing in a way that really stretched you?

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How Buyers Buy Black and white photo of a lioness

How Buyers Buy

When buyers are researching a new product or looking into your services, they ask themselves one very important question: “Can you help me?” Let’s talk about how to answer that question.

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Adequate Isn't Enough Compass pointing toward the word excellence..

Adequate Isn’t Enough

I asked a good friend of mine who played in two Super Bowl games for the Miami Dolphins and is a Michigan Wolverines Alumni how he thought Michigan would do this season, given they lost their beloved coach and many other members of their coaching team.

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What is your business vision Using glasses to see a park clearly with a river and trees

What is Your Business Vision?

I was asked a question about my business that I found hard to answer immediately. It kept me thinking for days. My sister asked me, “What’s the vision for your business?”

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Need Help With Email- Keyboard keys that spell out email

Need Help With Your Email?

Email tactics that work for me. Email is one of the most important and least important distractions. It is a sinkhole that can consume your day, distract you, and also make you money.

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