Numbers Don't Lie, But Are You Listening?

Numbers Don’t Lie, But Are You Listening?

Conquer Your Finances in 2 Days Last week, I led a financial planning session with a group of entrepreneurs. We spoke about the ABCs of finance, which to me include assessing, budgeting, and committing. It’s that time of year. You should have your year-end financials around this time,

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The Wrong Strategy. Black and White photo of Taxis lined up

The Wrong Strategy

Are You Playing a Game or Crafting a Strategy? After arriving in Chicago last week, I had an experience that got me thinking about how much of an impact strategy has on a business. When I landed at the airport, I headed outside to grab a taxi to

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Consistent Content: Key to Marketing Success. A hand is placing the final puzzle piece labeled content into the puzzle.

Consistent Content: The Key to Marketing Success

People always ask me what they can do to improve their marketing so they can generate more leads, close more sales, and distribute consistent content. They’re on the hunt for the magic formula, the special funnel, and the perfect trick that will turn their business into a well-oiled

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The Business Blues: How To Gain Back Control

After two years of a pandemic wreaking havoc on small businesses, followed by skyrocketing inflation, labor shortages, layoffs, and now a pending recession, many small business owners are beginning to feel like they should tap out, sell their company, and get a job. Before you make a decision

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Two Ways To Master Your Marketing Strategy 1

Two Ways To Master Your Marketing Strategy

When was the last time you looked at your marketing strategy? I mean really looked at it. The digital landscape is changing (surprise surprise!) and keeping a finger on the pulse, following the trends, and adjusting your strategy is vital if you want a healthy return on your

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Turning A Crisis Into An Opportunity

You’ve heard the news, right? Inflation is at an all-time high, the price of gas is out of control, the great resignation has left small business owners scrambling to hire, and just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, there appears to be a recession on the horizon.

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Why The Best Marketing Is Proactive Marketing

You’ve likely heard the expression, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” The same is true when it comes to marketing. Good marketing doesn’t happen by accident—it’s proactive and should be done with intention and a plan.

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Summer of Reading Rundown 1

Summer of Reading Rundown

Are you looking for some great books to read this summer? I’ve got you covered! The following is a list of books I highly recommend. Plus, I’m sharing interviews with the authors on She Talks Business all summer long. If you’re like me and love reading a good

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A Super Bowl Mindset

A good friend of mine used to play professional football. He played in two Super Bowl games and I recently asked him a question about what it feels like to play in front of such a large crowd and how he overcame feeling nervous. What he said might

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