This isn’t about me, it’s about you

So, let’s get started

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Did you know the about page is usually the most often visited page on your website? The about page is a tricky page to write because really, it’s not about me, it’s about you

Here’s what you should know about me…

My clients say I am a brilliant strategist.

I love helping entrepreneurs and small business owners create clear and simple strategies that help them reach those big lofty business goals that feel out of reach. Whether it is quadrupling the size of your business, hitting 7 figures for the first time, or scaling and then selling your business, I’ve done this work with others, and I can help you do it too. 

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I am also a numbers person.

When you work with me, we will do a deep dive into your numbers so you understand how to measure what matters. My clients tell me they’d rather review their financial statements with me than their accountant because I make it easy for them to understand. Whether it’s reviewing your reporting, tracking sales, unpacking conversion rates, or forecasting to maximize profits, this is work I did in corporate for years, and its work I’ve done with my clients and can do with you. Even if you think math isn’t your jam, I promise to make it easy and fun to understand.  Your numbers matter and they are the key to helping you build wealth in your business. 

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I love marketing and I am a big believer that everything you do should reinforce your brand, credibility and expertise and make it easy for browsers to decide to become buyers. 

And speaking of buyers, I love selling and helping my clients excel at closing new business, expanding the business they do with their current clients, and creating new offers that are priced for profits and doing so with ease. No one wants to feel salesy, and gimmicky marketing doesn’t work. I can help you market and sell with confidence, grace and ease.

Want to know more about my professional bio and background? Things like me being a high school dropout who has built and sold multiple businesses, and who has a corporate skillset that you can tap into?

Or you can scroll through this timeline below and learn about some of the most impactful times of my life! 

Lisa in Kindergarten
My teacher told my mom you could put me out in the world alone and I'd survive by myself
Flea Market
My first entrepreneurial spark, selling things every weekend at the flea market to make money
Quit High School
The start of my retail career intended to be short lived, but within a year I was making more $ than I ever imagined
Technology Move
This is when I was recruited by ClearNET who was later acquired by TELUS.
Got Married
Got Gretchen
Our first dachshund
Parlez Wireless
Full Time Entrepreneur
Opened a bricks and mortar store called Parlez Wireless, an authorized TELUS dealer.
Started Online Business
Got Edelstein
Our second dachshund
Sold Parlez Wireless
Parlez Wireless
Met Oprah
Planned major event for 400+ people in less than 30 days and met Oprah
Pilot tp Profit
Pilot to Profit
Released my first book published by Morgan James
Got Sunshine
Our third dachshund
Alan Weiss's Million Dollar Consulting Hall of Fame
Inducted into the Million Dollar Consulting Hall of Fame
Go Daxxi
Started Go Daxxi
Our US subsidiary company and chose to live in Florida for a couple of years
Got Faith
Our fourth dachshund
Masterful Marketing
Masterful Marketing
Released second book with Alan Weiss, published by Blooomsbury