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How To Use YouTube Live Events

Have you ever wanted to be able to reach out and connect with people from the comfort of your home or office but weren’t sure where to start?

This blog post will change everything for you. I am going to share step-by-step how we took a planning workshop live to the web and had a fantastic experience using YouTube Live Events.

I even recorded this message for you using the steps below. Watch it, then scroll down to get all the details you need to learn to use Youtube Live Events to broadcast yourself!

Step One: Prepare Your Set

You need to prepare your set for your Live Event. Your lighting and your web camera make all the difference in how you appear during the event.

This is the picture taken in my office with the lights on and my computer webcam. I have a brand new, iMac so the webcam isn’t old and should be pretty good. As you can see, it is dark and not the best quality.

lisa webcam1

This second picture is taken in my office with my softbox lights on and using a Logitech 1080p HD webcam . Lighting and a good camera can make a huge difference in terms of how people see you and experience your Live Event online.

lisa webcam2

Next up on the equipment front, we used a Blue Yeti Microphone , so the audio sounded fabulous. The one thing people often overlook is audio but if you think about it, most people will watch crappy looking video if the audio is good, but no one ever watches a great video with poor audio.

Step Two: How to Get Started

1. Log into Google and go to YouTube.

2. Click on the far right icon (which is your profile picture) and then select Creator Studio.

lisa YT1

3. Click on Live Streaming (left hand side of screen). If this is your first time in here, you will need to click on “Enable Live Streaming”. If not and you are already enabled and verified, skip to #5.


4.Verify Your Account by entering your mobile number for a text or, you can have the system send you an automated phone call. Then, enter the code sent to you and, once verified, click on “I Agree for the terms and conditions”.


5. Click on Events, and then in the upper right corner of your screen click on “New Live Event”.

6. Add a title for your event and make your live event public, unlisted, or private. Note, I make my events unlisted so that I can share the link with the people I want to view. If you select public, anyone can view. If you select private, they must access via their YouTube account using their email address for verification.

NOTE: While you’re just trying this out, leave it on “Today” and “Now” – when you get the hang of this for future events you can add the date, start-time, and end-time as part of this step so you can set up your live streams ahead of time.

title and start

7. Click on go live now.

8. Click on OK.

go live

9. If you have never done a hangout before, say yes to any permission requests Google might have until your screen shows you something like this! Note you will see YOU, not me on the screen 🙂

google hangout

10. Before you press Start Broadcast, here are a couple tips:

  • Click on settings which is the second last icon on the top beside the red phone icon and adjust your mic, camera and audio settings.


  • If you want to invite someone to join you, select the head icon from the top row of icons, the first one on the far left. You can just copy and paste the permanent link to invite them to join you, or you can add names and send an email invite. Once you copy the link, press close to make this screen disappear, or invite if you choose that option.



11. Once you check all of those items off, you are ready to press Start Broadcast. This is important because if you don’t, you won’t record the Live Event and no one else on the broadcast will see or hear you!

start broadcast

12. When you are done, press stop the broadcast and then click the red x at the top left corner of the screen to close things down.

stop broadcast

13. To find your video, go back to the creator studio on YouTube, go to Live Events, and use the drop down button beside the word “View” to find your completed recording.

find vid

14. You should see your video and once it has completed uploading, you can click on your video and share the link with anyone you want to view, or embed the video onto your website, share on social media sites etc.


Was this helpful?

Do you see yourself doing this type of thing? Please leave a comment below and let me know.

Now that I have this awesome tool, I can’t wait to announce my new group coaching program! We will be using this platform, and keeping the groups to a limit of six so that people can really get the support they need to succeed.

Want to know more about coaching with me? Please reach out, I would love to share!



39 thoughts on “How To Use YouTube Live Events”

  1. Dear Lisa
    Thank you so much for this information. You blog is exactly what I needed this morning. You saved me a lot of research. Thanks for the amazon links. I just bought the lights and the camera. I already had the mic. Sending you much love. Rachel

  2. Lisa, this is a fantastic post! The step by step with screen shots is easy to follow and the equipment links are perfect. Thanks so much!

  3. Thank you for once again explaining things so I understand them! This makes everything that I’ve been trying to do finally come together!!

  4. Wow! This is great Lisa! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.
    I’ve been wanting to try this myself but was a little intimidated. I just did a test video by following your instructions and it took no time at all to set it all up and now I feel much more confident. Thanks again Lisa, you’re the best!


  5. People just need to bite the bullet and do it! Speaking to your audience through a live webinar is THE most powerful way to share your message in today’s overly crowded market place.

    If you are sitting on the fence, just get out there and do your first Hangout! Once you realize how simple it really is, your whole business will change.

    You may not have realized this, but you can use Hangouts to do WAY more than just chat with a group of friends or to have meetings without having to meet in person. You can use them to:

    • Record videos
    • Improve SEO
    • Conduct interviews
    • Host a show
    • Host an online summit
    • Hold webinars
    • Do live Q&A’s
    • Build online courses
    • Write a book (sounds crazy? More on that later )
    • Do One-On-One or Group coaching
    • Host Masterminds
    • Almost anything that you need to do, Hangouts can help you do it!

    Have fun with it!

    Thanks for sharing, Lisa 🙂

    1. Thank you Roger for adding value and for being the person who pushed me to do this! I am grateful to you for your guidance and support!

  6. This is great Lisa! I have made videos using my camera, but not any live events. I tried to use google hangouts before, but couldn’t get on there. Your lighting looks fantastic. Question–how much space do you need to set up those lights? I am anxious to try this & I need the webcam and mic, since I have a very old pc. (Hoping to get a new computer soon!) Thanks so much for sharing this info!

    1. Hi Christine, my office is not that big. The lights are compact, you can fit them in a small space when not using them and I find they don’t take up that much room at all. They lights fit in a closet (not a walk in) when they are NOT dismantled if that gives you an idea. They are right up against my desk so it’s pretty easy to do in a small space.

  7. Excellent step-by-step instructions that make things seem doable. I love that about your information. I can see myself using this format and now that I understand the how, I have no excuses. Thanks!

  8. This was SO very helpful! I too have hosted google hangouts for workshops and coaching sessions however I’ve not this yet! A little afraid to but you’ve just made it look easy!

    1. It is EASY Cadi! Trust me, I am the queen of taking the easy route when I can! It looks high tech but it was low tech to make it happen!

  9. Lisa, this is a great guide! We’ve been using Webinar Jam for webinars, which use Google Hangouts on Air too. I wish I could have done the planning day – I heard great things!

    The lights you used look really good; they’re officially on my wish list. 😉

  10. I love using Hangouts! I have been using them for a while and people love that it’s recorded. I love the convenience and being able to see people and interact face-to-face all over the world.

    Great step-by-step instructions! I always love your stuff!

  11. What a great step by step you created Lisa! I had hesitated creating video for the past couple of years, writing a script, who would do the video recording, where, what would I wear, I needed my hair done, well as you can see any excuse would do.
    Then I was introduced to Google Hangouts and took the plunge, I now have 33 episodes of Hang Out With Coach Kerry recorded!!!
    All I would say is do the first one, if you don’t like it don’t make it public! My first episodes are pretty stiff and I look a bit awkward, but practise does make perfect.
    There are so many uses, not only the free episodes I record, I also use them for coaching calls, training, how to videos, interviews, masterminds etc!
    I encourage everyone to take the leap!

    1. Love it Kerry! Thank you for sharing! I agree, your first is your worst! And there are so many great uses of this technology! Heck, you can transcribe them and use the copy as a second form of content too!

  12. Finally got time to watch this Lisa! Love the information you share…yes I can see myself using this and so appreciate you taking the time to share the step by step process of how to get going with it. Also love your tips about equipment.

    One question…what is the difference between YouTube Live Events and Google Hangouts…I am looking into using both but wondering which one is best and what the differences are between the two…

    1. Hi Elizabeth, great question. A live event gives you the option to have your event unlisted and to record directly to your YouTube Channel. The minute you press “Start Broadcast” it is recording for you. A google Hangout doesn’t give you the same option and the privacy settings can be wonky allowing “anyone” to join your hangout.

  13. Lisa,

    You ROCK! Thank you for showing me how to do this on my computer. I have been working on it for over a week and was pretty much ready to say forgetta bout it. Your step by step instructions helped me sooooo much! Thank you, thank you, thank you! XO

  14. Hi Lisa and Roger, thanks for this information.
    My situation is that I run a cluster of wood manufacturing companies in southwestern Ontario where we conduct training and networking events. We are on the cusp of starting to expand many aspects of our infrastructure (one of updating our website to host streaming). In the short term, I would like to be able to set up a video camera and stream the events to this platform for our members to refer to that cannot attend. For some events we would have to charge a fee, other events would be no fee. Streaming or podcasting our events has long been on our “to do” list. Since my context is a little different than others posted here, do you or Roger have some initial suggestions? I am not a techie, and we hope to soon be hiring a program coordinator who will also manage our social media.

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