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I started following Chris Brogan on Twitter years ago.  His book, Trust Agents, was one of the earlier books that I read in the Social Media space and when I read that he had a telecom background like myself – I couldn’t resist.  I had to send him a tweet and tell him how much I enjoyed his book.Lisa Larter Interview with Chris Brogan

To my utter shock, he replied! Not only did he reply, he had an actual conversation back and forth with me.

That was years ago and the conversations have continued on Twitter, Facebook and most recently Google+ where he was one of the early pioneers who influenced me to set up my plus account. (Chris has a new book about Google+ too)

I asked Chris if I could interview him for The Social Business Academy because, as I have watched his platform grow over the past few years, I have observed one thing – Chris is still the same guy.

He still has conversations with new people on a regular basis.  He still replies, engages and treats others with respect.  He still creates great content on a regular basis and helps others for free.  He still takes time to explain to people why he does things like unfollow everyone on Twitter and then selectively follow back those he converses with.

Social Media allows individuals to create relationships with a larger audience than ever before.  The very thing that can help you create success in your business can also bring you down if you let your ego get in the way.  Chris to me, exemplifies the name of his business – Human Business Works.

Maybe it’s this belief that makes him stand out? “We never own a community. It’s a gift. And even if we are the supposed “leader” of such a tribe, it is always clear and obvious that we are there in service of the people who have chosen to share their attention with us.

This coming Thursday, I have the privilege of interviewing Chris for The Social Business Academy (register for FREE by using the form below or click here) where we will talk about the path he has created to success online, his new book, and gain some wisdom and advice from him on how people can best utilize social media for their business.  I am guessing we will talk about the power of relationships, community and people – because that’s what Chris is all about.

I hope you can make it! Please fill out the form below or click here to register for this Success Interview.

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