15 Ways Mercedes Nails Client Experience

Do you remember your first car?

Mine was a Chevrolet Chevette. It was red, it was old, it was ugly, and I wrecked it by driving too fast, losing control, and submerging it in a pond when I was 19.  Back then, I had very little appreciation for cars, speed, or safety and to be frank, I am lucky my desire to drive fast did not harm me or someone else!

Later that same year, I got transferred to Mississauga to work at Square One for Fredelle Shoes as the Assistant Manager and because they thought I was a big shot (not really) I got to spend a month at the Novatel Hotel for free while I searched for a place to live.  Every night I would walk back to the hotel from the shopping centre and I would see this black Mercedes and I always thought… some day.

Fast forward 23 years and the time has come for me to get my own.  I picked up that car on Tuesday and I was struck by the experience that Mercedes creates for their clients.  Yes it is a luxury product but I have bought other luxury items with far less appreciation for my business.

There are 14 little things that they did that really impressed me overall.  I think there is much to be learned as business owners from this experience as every time you interact with a client or a potential client you are creating the experience of your business.

  1. Every person working in the show room was professionally attired, friendly and made eye contact with me.
  2. Each individual I was introduced to extended their hand out to greet me and repeated their name, smiling sincerely.
  3. Upon arriving, my car was in the middle of the show room so it was the first thing I saw when I walked in.
  4. I was offered coffee, juice or water when it was time to fill out the paperwork.
  5. The office I sat in was super clean and organized, there was not even a garbage can in sight.
  6. When they drove the car out of the showroom they sounded a bell to congratulate me on my new car.
  7. The gas tank was full, car was clean and sparkly.
  8. The salesperson paired my iPhone and demonstrated how to use voice controls for navigation and phone calls so I could drive safely.
  9. The vehicle came equipped with a charger for my phone, that automatically picks up and plays my phone’s music
  10. They took the time to point out the important things like the spare tire, hidden basket for grocery shopping, divider for pets, and a first aid kit which comes in every Mercedes.
  11. They threw in extra bonus items that I did not expect like floor mats, and a coat hanger for the back of my seat.
  12. They complimented me on my new car and let me know that I had made a great choice, and thanked me for my business.
  13. They offered to take a picture of me picking up my car.
  14. They gave me my keys with fun Mercedes bling attached! (very girly, and I like it!!)
  15. There were no glitches – everything went exactly as it should, all my expectations were surpassed.

Each one of these things on its own might not be a huge deal but when you combine them all together and couple that with my desire to drive a Mercedes since the tender age of 19, they made quite the experience for me.

What can you learn from this in your business?

Do you pay attention to the details?

We all need to pay attention to the details, every one of them in our business because it is the details that create the experience.  It is the experience that creates the word of mouth marketing, and in this case, world of mouth marketing because I have already shared the pictures of my new car everywhere I can think of!

I’d like to thank Leslie Mise, the Sales Manager at Ogilvie Motors Mercedes Benz for fantastic service!





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  1. Wow, what an experience. They went above and beyond. I will try to implement some of these items into my business. Thanks for sharing.

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