Thirty Ways you Can Jump Start Your Social Media

Is your social media lagging a bit? Are you feeling like you can’t get any traction and maybe there is no return on investment or time for you? Before you give up, check my list of thirty ways you can jump start your social media and stick with it for at least 30 days.  Then at the end of 30 days, let me know if you see an increase in your results! I am guessing if you do ALL of this and you do it consistently for thirty days you might be jumping up and down with excitement and motivation in your business.

  1. Sign up for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and
  2. Set up a HootSuite dashboard to monitor and schedule content from one spot
  3. Schedule three times each day to check in and connect with people – add it to your calendar NOW
  4. Create lists to connect with prospects and to keep in touch with clients
  5. Comment on your clients posts on a daily basis
  6. Share positivity with people, keep the negativity in check.
  7. Accept friend requests that make sense, follow and circle people back daily
  8. Share your blog on all social networks, multiple times – that means you need to blog, ideally three times a week
  9. Respond to comments people leave on your social networks on blog – when you ignore comments it makes others feel like they don’t matter
  10. Reply to messages people send you on Social Media, treat these like an extension of your inbox
  11. Make sure your profile info is complete – especially the contact info
  12. Use a great picture of you, not your dog or your logo
  13. Share content that is useful to others at least three times a day
  14. Create video messages at least once a week and share them every day at different times on different networks
  15. Take an active interest in other people and be authentic about it. Connect with one new person each day
  16. Show up daily – if marketing your business matters, act like it
  17. Set up a Facebook Page for your business and post content at least twice a day
  18. Use Facebook Ads to get more visibility for your page and business – start by spending a dollar a day and see what happens
  19. Use Facebook as your page and like three other business pages each day that compliment what you do and then comment on them
  20. Create a custom Twitter background
  21. Create a custom YouTube background
  22. Fill out all the info on your YouTube account, most people leave this out
  23. Create a Pinterest board with all your YouTube videos and another one with all your blog posts
  24. Change up your Facebook Cover image every three weeks, make it look professionally branded
  25. Use your website URL anywhere you can to let people know how to connect with your business
  26. Set up a professional email address, “” is so 1980’s
  27. Put your Twitter handle on your business card
  28. Add Social Plug ins to your website
  29. Don’t try and sell your stuff all the time, it only alienates people
  30. Keep your tweets on Twitter, don’t broadcast them to other networks as people do not have context of Twitter conversation. Tweet at least twenty times a day, this can be a combination of tweets, re-tweets, and replies.  It takes five minutes to tweet ten times so bonus points go to those who do thirty tweets a day.

Please let me know if you will participate!



6 thoughts on “Thirty Ways you Can Jump Start Your Social Media”

  1. Hi, Lisa-
    I’m taking this challenge. I’m fairly new to social media so this is a bit of a stretch but by the end of 30 days I should have a fairly good grasp of at least how to use the various forms. Currently I have business and personal accounts on Twitter–yes I’m using a logo but that will change this weekend as we are doing head shots Saturday AM. I am fairly familiar with Facebook but attempting to grow in knowledge there too.
    Thanks for the information on Pinterest but had no idea of how to use it professionally!
    My website is being re worked as we speak–trying to get all my ducks in a row before Dallas! I’m looking forward to meeting you there.


  2. This is great, Lisa!

    I love lists of specific actions to take and you’ve provided the perfect one!

    I’m finishing up my new website and some branding and will DEFINITELY be doing this in August. I’ll be tracking everything, too, so I’ll let you know the results.

    As always, thank you for the great information and for sharing so generously.


  3. Hi Lisa, I’m frequently asked by overwhelmed entrepreneurs how to make social media work for them. I LOVE your 30-day challenge to get folks using social media to engage, and have already sent a personal link to this article to a few key clients (I’ll be sharing socially as well). Thanks for a great tool!

    p.s. Looking forward to connecting in Dallas at the eWN Conference next week!

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