Shop Talk – How to Maximize Photo Sharing for Your Audience

Are you limiting the engagement you get from your customers by telling them which social media site they have to use to share photos?

Think about why you use the Social Media channels you use and which ones you prefer. Are you a Tweeter? A Facebook fanatic? Maybe you prefer Pinterest or Instagram?

Your customers have a preference too.  Your ability to engage them where they like to hang out is critical for success.

When you use an aggregator (ie: a digital gallery) to gather images and then share the link for others to view them, you enable people to participate on the network they prefer making engagement much easier to accomplish.

Where do you prefer to share images when it comes to Social Media? Leave us a comment below on your Photo Sharing app of choice!


2 thoughts on “Shop Talk – How to Maximize Photo Sharing for Your Audience”

  1. Lis….this info makes sense…but for more novices like me…the question next becomes….”how to” do this? I know some of your videos screen share to show the steps and that is ideal for folks like me! My 2 cents with great gratitude as always!

    1. Hi Marcy, I was hoping someone would ask this question! One of the aggregators I like is Tagboard.

      It’s easy to search a hashtag and see how it is used on multiple platforms.

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