Bring Your Inner Leader to Social Media

I recently had a conversation with a client of mine about Social Media and what it meant to build an online platform and we got to discussing the role of a leader. It occurred to me that most of us do not think of ourselves in term of leadership when it comes to social media.

We get caught up in the day-to-day tactics, and if we are entrepreneurs, the last thing to cross our radar is that our leadership skills are out there in public view for the world to see when it comes to Social Media.

When you work for a corporation all you hear about are leadership skills. It is your leadership skills that have a direct impact on the results of the organization.

You lead people. People take inspired action. Action generates results.

In the absence of leadership most people do not do what they are really capable of. That is why so many people suffer from time management challenges — it’s really not a time management issue, it’s a self-management issue, and well that my friends is our ability to lead ourselves.

Now let’s talk about Social Media.

You have an opportunity to lead a group of people in the Social space, in your industry yet most of the time people are more concerned with the tactics of how to get it all done and have not taken the time to think about how their leadership translates through what they are doing.

When I think of leadership, I think of values, character, integrity, passion and an ability to inspire and move others. What do you think of?

When I think of those things and I ask myself, am I acting in my highest self when it comes to how I demonstrate leadership through Social Media the answer is no.

I don’t think I am the worst leader out there but I also don’t think I have been conscious enough about how I want to be perceived in that role.

This is new territory for many of us and unlike the corporate world — you are never going to be crowned “Leader” on Social Media. It is a position you have to assume, it is a skill you have to demonstrate and the measurement of success will be seen by the influence and goodwill you build through your community.

This week I want you to ask yourself two questions:

1. How do I want to be perceived as a leader when it comes to my behavior on Social Media?
2. What is one thing I can do differently to “up my game” online?

For me, owning my leadership is an important part of taking action. I know that leaders are human, they make mistakes and they can be pretty incredible human beings. I have been blessed to work with some incredible leaders in my life and I have decided to “own my role” when it comes to leadership online.

There is no application process, there is no hiring committee. Anyone can apply for the job and can do a great job of leading their audience, adding value, demonstrating integrity and walking their talk.

I am putting a stake in the ground and choosing to approach all that I do from a leadership paradigm from now on and to be honest — yes it feels a bit scary to write this down and state it so publicly. What if I mess up? What if people criticize me? What if they compare me to others?

Isn’t that what happens anytime we are about to embark on something great? Fear creeps in and tries to stop us. Well I say forget fear, let’s do it anyway. I really wanted to say something else but my new leader requires me to use nicer language 😉

Here is the official memo from me to you:




2 thoughts on “Bring Your Inner Leader to Social Media”

  1. I write mainly about leadership, I wrote a book on leadership and management, and my Facebook page mainly shows posts on leadership topics. It’s not all I do but it’s the most prevalent thing I do. Of course, you’re not specifically talking about leadership as much as taking a leadership role in specific industries and being seen as a leader in social media but I pointed out what I did because I believe I’ve stepped out there and have lots to show for it, yet I’m being missed by others who decide to consider which people who talk about leaders are at the top. I mean, 10 years, more than a thousand blogs posts and articles all over the place and it’s like I don’t exist.

    I’m not saying this for pity, I saying it to show that even though everyone has to have a social media presence, it takes a lot to be considered as one of the leaders of your industry, no matter what you do. Still, you have to try.

    1. Hi Mitch
      I read this a while ago and have really thought about how to respond. I even went to your website and read some of your blog posts.
      I agree – it does take a lot to be considered one of the leaders in your industry – and you have to keep trying if it is important to you.

      My lesson -comparison breeds misery. If I speak at an event and there are people I perceive as “leaders in my industry” I feel like I am not “big enough.” Yet if I am invited to speak at an event and there are no ‘big leaders’ I question if I should be there. (NOTE: It took vulnerability to say that out loud)

      Here’s the thing – true leadership is about helping the people who are following you. Making a difference because it is the right thing to do – not because you want to fuel yourself or your ego with a place you hold in your sphere.

      You are a leader to those who follow you. You are further down the path than they are and they look to you for leadership. It doesn’t happen over night – keep at it, keep inspiring people, one person at a time.

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