7 Simple Ways To Enhance Social Media Relationships


The Internet is still a relatively new business tool for you when it comes to connecting with people. And anytime you have a new tool, it takes time and practice to identify the best ways to make that tool work.

People gravitate to social media channels because we crave community. <- Tweet This

We all want to feel like we are connected to other like-minded people, are part of a community and that people see and acknowledge us for who we are.

We are more the same than we are different when it comes to connecting – we have an innate need for relationships.

Here are some tactics for you to employ to enhance relationships in your business through social media.

1. When you go to an in-person networking event and exchange business cards with someone, ask them if it’s okay to connect with them on Linkedin. This is a great way to demonstrate that you want to continue to build a relationship and stay in touch with them.

2. Make a list of your top 20% customers and go see if you are connected with them on all the social media platforms you hang out on. If you are not, send them an invitation to connect.

3. Go through that list one customer at a time and do some homework. Take a look and see what is going on in the lives of these people so you have context. Send them a private message via LinkedIn or Facebook and acknowledge them for something you have observed. I am not kidding when I say we could all use a bit more acknowledgement in our lives.

4. Make another list of past customers you have worked with whom you have not done business with in a while. Follow step 2 and 3 to reconnect with them. Everyone knows that it is easier to do business with someone you have done business with before – why not spend a bit of time nurturing these relationships instead of letting them fall so far behind that they forget you.

5. Make a list of 5 people you are connected to via social media that you have never met in person. Find a way to connect to these people somehow in-person this year. If connecting in person is not geographically possible, use technology. Invite them to have a conversation with you on Skype or Google Hangouts. This can be a great way to connect eye to eye with someone and enhance your relationship.

6. Use lists or tags on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to segregate your clients so you can make a point of liking, commenting and seeing what they are doing on a regular basis. I have ALL my clients listed on Facebook and I find it is the BEST way for me to pay attention to what is going on with them. I don’t want Facebook to control what I see. These people MATTER to me and my list makes it super easy for me to keep in touch.

7. Share helpful content that is related to what your customers do professionally and personally. If you know them, it becomes easier to spot content that can be of value to them. It allows you to show up through sharing and this in itself enhances your relationship. You don’t have to do this daily, just always be on the look out.

When I speak, I often refer to the need for you to be SWIIFT. SWIIFT stands for See What’s In It For Them.

Start being SWIIFT about how you approach and enhance relationships. The problem you have around turning social media connections into sales just may shift.

Do you sometimes feel like social media isn’t generating the money you thought it would even though you are spending hours and hours online? In this video below I share 4 activities you should to be doing in order to make money through social media.

Now it’s your turn…What are you doing on social media that’s working for you?


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  1. Hi Lisa, Great Shop Talk on Social Media! Thanks! Your comment about just watching other people’s stuff on Facebook really resonated with me.
    My #1 question is what is the best way to come up with a social media plan? Who should help you? What is a reasonable amount of time & money to spend on such a plan? Who knows how to collect and analyze the metrics to teach me how to interpret what matters? I really only want to spend the time that makes sense for my business model (just like you said, purposeful socializing).

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