5 Ways Women in Business Stand Out and Get Noticed Today

I love that American Express Open is celebrating Women in business and I wanted to share the Infographic that they created.

The vast majority of my clients are women and I love to celebrate their success.

Although I also work with some very smart men, I seem to attract a lot of women who want help with Strategy when it comes to Social Media.  I think this is because we are so good at relationships, and we are natural born caregivers so we tend to always be looking at how we can help and serve others.  This tendency can often minimize our ability to look at the big picture and strategize our business.

Women were made for Social Media.  We are great at relationships, connecting, referring business and being social in general.  Couple that with a great business strategy and your ability to create success becomes unstoppable.

Here are five things I see Smart Social Business Women doing online to really stand out.

1. They use Video.  Women who use video as part of their marketing strategy to educate and communicate with their audience demonstrate a high degree of poise and self confidence.  Don’t kid yourself, doing that first video was hard for all of us – even those who seem like it was easy peasy!

2. They use a Smartphone.  Today’s woman business owner is a multitasking queen.  She knows that she cannot get it all done if she has to sit glued to her computer screen all day and she makes the most of her time using her mobile phone so she can be connected, informed and engaged on the go.

3. They care about others.  These women show up on Social Networks each day and offer advice, encouragement and support to those who need it without even thinking about it.  These are the women who are always posting positive content demonstrating their desire to have a positive mindset and contribution in all they do.

4. They give back.  Not only are these women smart, social and business savvy. They give back to their community. They regularly donate money to causes and are the first to share and rally their networks when someone needs support.

5. They are strategic, deliberate and not afraid to make money.  This is my favorite part.  If you pay attention you can see how they implement their strategy online to drive sales to their business.  These women are on a mission to prove that they are a force to be reckoned with. They are not afraid to invest in themselves, and they are most certainly not afraid to close the sale.  This is why they are successful and often inspire others to follow their lead.

Sandra Yancey of eWomenNetwork is Powering Tomorrow! In celebration of Woman-Owned Businesses, check her out on American Express Open Forum here!


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