Use Social Media to Become a Networking Rockstar!

You have a choice – you can go to that early morning networking session or…you can go for a root canal.  Which would you prefer?

I know for some people (including me once upon a time) a trip to the dreaded Dentist would have been much more preferable than walking into a room full of strangers! So, just for you, I hosted and recorded a one-hour workshop to teach you how to Use Social Media to Become a Networking Rockstar!

I still remember the anxiety I used to feel:

What if I didn’t know anyone at all?Lisa Larter Register Now
What if no one wanted to talk to me?
What if someone I didn’t like was there?
What if I was dressed inappropriately?
What if I went to the wrong spot?
Maybe it wasn’t a good day to drive? Too hot, too cold, raining, snowing….

I could always find an excuse; it was easy.  This thing called Networking that everyone said you had to do just wasn’t for me.  I had a hard time breaking into groups and I wasn’t about to be that person who ran around the room collecting business cards.

Then, I discovered Social Media and Online Networking.  It changed EVERYTHING.

I now had a system, a process that I could put in place when it came to face to face networking.  I had a process I could follow prior to the networking event, during the networking event, and even after the networking event and it worked like a charm!

The truth is, there are LOTS of other people who do not love networking and my system allows YOU to make THEM feel much better about being at the Networking Event.  By doing so you become THAT person – the one everyone wants to talk to!

Your ability to make others feel Lisa Larter Social Networking Webinarcomfortable goes up ten fold. Your ability to connect with people and get face to face meetings or appointments later on becomes a breeze to do.

You know exactly what to do to stand out and get noticed in a way that feels authentic and aligns with your core goal – to meet new people and foster relationships that are professionally win/win/win.

In this workshop I teach you everything I know that has me networking like a pro and now speaking at the conferences I was once afraid of networking at!

  • Learn the powerful, three step process that allows you to take control of your networking experience, eliminate FEAR, and be a Confident and Competent Networker.
  • You will learn my 5 Secrets to making every in-person networking event simply awesome – you will NEVER sweat meeting new people again.
  • I will uncover the Four Mistakes most inexperienced Networkers make that damage relationships and cost them money.
  • Lastly, I will share with you the details most people miss that really do make a difference and are critical to your success.

And the best part?  Every skill I am going to teach you is transferrable to attending conferences so you can show up and feel like you know the crowd before you get there!

If networking is part of your business – you will LOVE this session jam packed with easy to implement tips and bringing Networking into the 21st Century so you can have fun, connect easily and get results!

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