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Three Facebook Hacks You Might Not Know About

You may not have noticed, but Facebook has added three new features in recent months that can help you manage time and relationships in your business.

Those features are Search, Save, and Stop.

Let’s start with Search and Save. How can they help you in your business?

Because, business is about people. Therefore your ability to find information about the people who matter to your business is important.

Have you ever been on your newsfeed in Facebook reading something when suddenly the newsfeed jumped and it disappeared on you?

Or, have you ever been out somewhere and you saw a post or a video that you really wanted to explore more but the timing just wasn’t right?

The search and save features can help you when those things happen.

Not to mention, if you are really savvy about the key words you use, you can find people in your network who are actually looking for YOUR services.

Why Facebook Save is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread <—Click to Tweet

With millions of posts being shared each day on Facebook, it is often hard to consume what you want, when you want.

Facebook now gives you the option to save a post so you can easily find it and read it when you want.

This is how it works:

Let’s say I see an article like the one below that Leah shared and I want to read it but I don’t have time. Let’s pretend Leah is a customer or prospect of mine, and paying attention to what she shares matters to me as a business owner because I want to interact more with her and support what she shares but… I also need there to be integrity behind my actions and I don’t want to engage until I have read the whole article.

Simple – save it for later. Click the drop down arrow on the top right side of the post and select Save, like this:


Once you have time (and if you were in my planning day, I would suggest you block time for reading items you save) you can access your shared items from the home page of Facebook on the left side below your profile picture or you can just go to https://www.facebook.com/saved.


When you click on Saved, or type in https://www.facebook.com/saved you will go to a page that looks like this one below where all of the pieces of content you have saved are listed. The beauty of this is you can click the x in the right hand corner to delete from your saved items once you are done, you can share directly from where they are saved, or you can click back to Leah’s original post and leave a comment.


Saving allows you to batch the content you want to engage with or explore further and then plan time to do so instead of getting lost down a rabbit hole and losing 30 minutes to Facebook when you really only logged in to reply to a message someone sent you.

It also allows you to save and curate content that you may want to share with your friends later on. The save option is one of my favourite tools on Facebook.

Now that you have a GREAT tool to curate and share content, you may run into another rabbit hole. The never-ending stream of Facebook notifications.

If you belong to any Facebook group with a high volume of activity, you may have found yourself asking if you really want to comment and then have to deal with all the notifications that come after.

Well, the cool thing is you can stop them for that specific post. Here’s how:

Whether you post the content, or you comment on the content, you can click the drop down arrow and turn off notifications. This will stop all notifications on that particular post so you no longer get emails or those little red notifications at the top of Facebook.

And if you really do want to know what people are saying… Save it and come back and read it all later, when you want!

Lisa Stop Notifications

Facebook also just introduced an advanced Search option.

Imagine that your client Joanne posted an amazing article that you wanted to share but when you go to her profile, you realize she is a content posting machine. You search and search her profile feed but you just cannot find what you are looking for and you are sure she posted it just a few days ago.

Now, you can type in the word Joanne and a keyword that will help you find exactly that piece of content.

Keep in mind, this is new to Facebook and new means bugs, so it may not be working perfectly yet but I can see the power of this feature in my future and yours.

Facebook may very well become the new Google for finding things people you are connected to share!

Wait! Before you get all worried about your privacy, relax! You still control all of that.

You can read all about search and how it works by clicking here, as well as exactly what your privacy settings mean and who will be able to search and find your stuff too.

If privacy is a concern for you, watch this video:

Updates to Facebook Search from Facebook on Vimeo.

You can learn more about Facebook Search here http://search.fb.com

How do you see Search and Save helping you to connect better with people?



6 thoughts on “Three Facebook Hacks You Might Not Know About”

  1. Question- Is this info for your personal facebook page or a business facebook page. If I go to my business page and do the drop down menu I get – I don’t want to see this, Hide all from, Report Post, Turn on Notifications, Embed Post, Take a Survey. I don’t see a Save Button ( is there something wrong with my page?) Thanks

  2. Great article, Lisa! I’ve been using the Save feature for a few days now, love it. But I also love your idea about setting aside TIME to read the ones we’ve saved! Great tip!

    1. Thanks Catherine. I find that many people save things with great intentions but never get around to it. If you set aside time in advance, it makes it so much easier.

  3. I might have to think about the Save feature. I read pretty fast, but sometimes I don’t have the time to write a comment so I just move on. I like the idea about setting aside time to read saved posts though; I need to do the same with my email.

    1. You’ll be amazed at how much time it can save you Mitch. When you set aside a specific timeframe for things like email or reading articles, it’s easier to get to them and takes less time than going back and forth 10 times in an hour. 🙂

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