Shop Talk – How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page

One of the questions that I get quite often is, “How can I get more people to like my page?”

Of course, this isn’t a simple, single post answer (I have an entire module in The Social Business Academy that is about only this!), but there is one really easy tip I can give you that will help you get more likes right away.

Make sure that your Facebook profile links directly to your Facebook page.

When you setup your Facebook profile you have the option of adding where you work. This is where you can create a link to your Facebook page.

And yes, you can even edit it if you already have it setup incorrectly. Check out this Shop Talk video above for step-by-step instructions on how to use this feature to get more likes on your Facebook page.

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13 thoughts on “Shop Talk – How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page”

  1. I want to say thank you for this!!! It’s a great help and I will share it on my page aswell. Can’t thank you enough. So simple and easy to do.

  2. Does you business page have to have a minimum number of likes before Facebook allows you to link your profile to it?

    1. I don’t think so Tina, I just tried to add employment to a page I have set up with a client and it only has one like and it worked okay for me.

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