Shop Talk – Did you buy yourself a job?

I had to put my life at risk to shoot this video for you! Seriously! I had to climb these massive rocks to get out of the wind, and I did it–just for you.

The reason why… this message is important.

This week’s video is about why you got into business to start with.  Remember those dreams you had for free time and the ability to do what you wanted when you wanted?

“Isn’t the reason you got into business Freedom?” <—-Click to Tweet This

Well I want to talk to you about that. Go on, click “play” and let me know what you think.

I am in Nova Scotia just wrapping up a week’s vacation so the view for you today is spectacular–my hair on the other hand is not!!

So, when was your last vacation and what was the best idea you got during it?

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5 thoughts on “Shop Talk – Did you buy yourself a job?”

  1. Great reminder Lisa! I’m a fortunate one in the sense that I have HAD to take time off to be with my husband who works overseas and is home only 50% of the time. He has given me the incentive to create the freedom to enjoy life with him!

  2. I went to the Turks and Cacios some years ago and that was my best vacation ever. Now I have a son and we vacation in Florida and it is great and I only checked email 2.

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