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Summer wraps up and it is definitely time to get back to business. Here are four ways I plan on getting back to business and creating a banner Q4:

1) Launching a new program. In the fall you will see I am launching a program called Video Creation Formula. It is designed to help people who have never used video in their business. I want to help them just get started so they know how and can do it themselves. I will be using Infusionsoft to manage this entire program. It will help me to set up all my email marketing and manage the sequence of video training I will be sending out. It will act as my shopping cart for people who want to buy the program and it will help me to partner with other people and pay them commission if they want to promote the program. (If you want to be one of my partners just email and let her know).

What I love about launching a new program and using a CRM like Infusionsoft is it will do most of the work automatically for me and it will allow me to easily measure everything that takes place: how many people sign up for free training, how many people open their emails, how many people buy, who referred those who bought, how much commission to pay partners and it will work with my merchant account to deposit funds directly into my bank account.

This is why I love Infusionsoft. It makes things easy for our business.

The link I gave you above entities you to some special bonuses from Infusionsoft and some special pricing. It is only good this year so if getting started on this platform is something you have been considering, schedule a demo so they can show you how it all works. You can use that link for a demo and it won’t cost you anything, but you will have some information on a tool that can help you in your business. Here is that link again if you want to know more: Infusionsoft

2) Refreshing my freebees. I also plan to refresh some of my free offers and change up my toolkit. I will be creating some new free things to help people in their business and I will once again use Infusionsoft to help me set that up so that when people opt in to receive the free item, Infusionsoft does all the work and I don’t have to worry about anything.

3) Express Gratitude to those who have worked with me. There are countless reports out there that talk about the cost of acquiring a new client versus doing more business with an existing client. Paying attention to your existing clients (the ones you LOVE to work with) just makes sense. I use a program called Send Out Cards to do this.

This Fall I plan on using it a lot more to keep in touch with people. The great thing about Send Out Cards is you can program birthday cards, anniversary cards, special occasion cards or you can send the same card to multiple people. You can upload a photo and create a card or you can use a generic card that they have in their shop.

Send Out Cards is a Direct Sales or Network Marketing style business and many people I know run their primary business using this model. I however, am more of a consumer of the product. I like what it does and the responses I get from my clients when I send them a card that has an Über-cool picture of them on the cover. That makes me stand out and really shows that I care. This is why I use it to keep in touch with my clients. If you get a card from me in the next little while, guess what? It means you are special 🙂

4) Invest in my own Learning. Stephen Covey spoke about sharpening the saw, I am a huge believer in investing in my own learning so I can grow personally and professionally but also so I can continue to serve and help my clients.  The more I invest in myself, the more my clients benefit. This time next week I will be in San Jose at Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy being totally immersed in learning (if you are going to be there let’s meet!)

Another one of my mentors is launching a free video training program right now, Ali Brown. Ali Brown is one of the first women I invested money in learning through many years ago when I started my business. Her $2500 home study kit helped me generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales as it gave me the blueprint (which I of course have modified and used to create my own model to teach others) to start my online business.

I know, like and trust Ali and think that she delivers awesome training. You should check out what she is doing if you have never been exposed to Ali’s programs.



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