7 Crazy Popular Blog Posts 1

7 Crazy Popular Blog Posts

When you are planning your marketing for 2017, remember to utilize all of your assets! Your content is an asset.

Content is how you establish credibility and provide value for your community. It’s important to look back on what your audience responds to. By understanding what they liked or didn’t like, you know what to focus on in the future.

I decided to look back on MY content that was published in 2016, and pin-point which pieces really resonated with you. This is what was found:

7 crazy popular blog posts that stood out in 2016:

#1. Why Free is Too Expensive

Free implies no value. When you give away your products and or services for free, the consumer places zero value on what you have given them because they didn’t have to pay for it. Sadly, many business owners are misguided to use free or low cost to try and attract buyers and they end up attracting people who can’t afford to do business with them.

#2. 10 Best Business Books for Entrepreneurs

Every year, I publish a list of books that have impacted my business. It’s not surprising to me that it made the most popular list of 2016, people are always looking for good book recommendations. This list is a great place to start. (Don’t worry, I’ve got a new list coming out soon so if you don’t find one here that’s of interest to you, there’s more to come!)

#3. Building Your Business: What if No One Knows Who You Are?

Let’s get rid of the myth that larger followings equal more sales. Over and over, I talk to people with large lists and small profits. Yes, people need to know who you are but you don’t need 10,000 people on your list to reach 6 figures in your business. Stop worrying about everyone knowing who you are and start focusing on the RIGHT people knowing who you are.

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#4. Do You Suffer From Perfectionism?

Chances are there are times when perfectionism gets in the way of your success. If you have a habit of not finishing something because you think it’s not good enough, this is for you. Of course, it’s important to have standards, but when your standards are so high that you’re not completing anything THAT is when you’ve got yourself a problem.

#5. 21 Tips for a Profitable and Enjoyable Year

This blog is my personal favourite of 2016. There are so many great tips to accelerate your success this year. If you missed this a couple weeks ago, it’s never too late to start any one of these 21 tips! I’d love to hear in the comments which one is your favourite!

#6. 5 Shockingly Simple Habits of Successful People

In this blog you’ll uncover five habits that are adopted by successful people. If you’re looking to swap out some of your less desirable habits for some new and improved ones in 2017, this is a great place to start! If you stick to any one of these for 90 days, you’re likely to notice a shift in how you feel and act.

#7. How to Tag With Tact

Tagging is a great way to increase your visibility AND annoy your audience. There are simple ways to promote your page that is much less annoying than improperly tagging people.Are you increasing visibility, or annoying your audience? Want to find out? You need to read this blog.

There you have it, seven pieces of my BEST content in 2016. Take some time to read the blogs that you missed, or perhaps review the ones that spoke to you in the past.

Did any of these posts stand out to you as your favourite? I’d love to hear which one was your #1 favourite and why in the comments!


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