Why Hire People

Why Hire People to Do What You Know How to Do?

Do you ever wonder why coaches hire coaches? Or wealthy people hire financial advisors? Or social media consultants hire other consultants?

People hire other people to help them do what they already know how to do for one big reason and it is the difference between getting slow or fast RESULTS.

Curious? And no… I am not asking you to hire me. That’s not what this is all about.

You know what to do already.

That isn’t the problem.

The problem is rationalization and procrastination, both of which take you away from doing exactly what you know you should do. It could also be a lack of confidence that is causing you to doubt yourself and that’s why you haven’t taken MORE action.

The MAIN reason you HIRE someone to help you is to get from point A to point B in the shortest period of time so that you can get RESULTS faster. 

You want to save yourself time, effort, possible failure, and you want to get results faster.

For example, you wouldn’t hire someone who is broke to teach you how to make money. You hire someone who has a proven track record making money so they can show you exactly how they did it so you can FAST-TRACK your own results.

That’s the ONLY reason to hire someone.

Let’s look at sales for example.

You should hire an objective person who is not caught up in day-to-day office politics, who doesn’t buy into the rationalization in your head, and who will help you to roll up your sleeves and get it done because getting it done means getting results faster.

They will encourage and CHAMPION you to get the sale and help you recover when you get a no.

Uber successful people hire others to help them do what they know how to do better and faster. Selling is a skill and for most small businesses, is typically the biggest gap that exists inside of your business.

This is a gap because YOU are the ONLY person really responsible for sales.

If you worked for a big corporation you would most likely have a Sales Manager or a VP of sales who would help you strategize and figure out the best game plan to get RESULTS.

You hire someone to help you do this when you are self-employed because it works on any scale whether small business or giant corporation.

In The Sales Pilot segment of the Pilot To Profit Program one of the things you will learn how to do is change your whole mindset around sales and money. You will learn a step-by-step system that you can follow for selling. You will be challenged to sell more than you have ever sold before and to share your results with the other members of the program.

For a small investment, you could literally change the course of your results in less than two months.


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