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I’m not sure if you own your own business or if you are an employee somewhere but you care about results or you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

You probably know about me because of Social Media but there is something you might not know that I am going to share because it’s important to help you.

As a full time employee with TELUS, I started my first business on the side.  Working part time hours, that business grew to $30,000 a year in sales.  It was a gift basket business, which I later sold for not near as much as I could have because the passion for it had dwindled.

Lisa LarterIn 2006, I walked away from a six figure income and invested $200,000 in opening Parlez Wireless, an authorized TELUS Store. Within 12 months of opening that business it was generating over a million dollars a year in sales.  This past November the business sold at a much better return than the gift basket business did.

In 2008 I started dabbling in my consulting business.  Within a year the business exceeded the six figure mark.

Today that business has one revenue stream that isn’t even marketed that does over $250,000 a year.

I have a knack for understanding business and driving results and because of that I think I can help you do the same.

Would you like to learn how to do this?

Would you like to turn 2013 around and generate more income in your business than you ever have before?

Let’s call this a pilot project.  That means if you want to play you get to participate at a bargain price point.

Every week you will receive an email just like this with lessons that you can apply to grow your business, and increase profits because you are so worth it.

Week One:  Define your business model and get clear on how you can create multiple streams of revenue within that model.  Including passive income.

Week Two:  How you can create systems to track all your results from sales to cash-flow so you are on top of the money game.

Week Three: What a factory capacity model looks like and how you can balance what you spend on resources against the income that comes into your business so that you can guarantee your business is profitable.


Week Four:  How to be brave and ask for more money than you think you are worth and then get it.

Week Five:  Proven systems you can use to communicate with your clients on a regular basis, and to create passive income off your website.

Week Six:  How to performance manage your team and give them feedback so they know exactly what you expect because you need to be comfortable with this type of communication. You can be firm and fair and your team will respect you for it.

Week Seven:  How you can set and manage expectations with your customers and your team so everyone is clear.

Week Eight:  How to constantly keep your eye on the bottom line without obsessing and stressing over it.  You will be able to find clarity on where to go next in your business, and what to do to increase your sales and bottom line.  This is an ongoing process, not an annual event.


There is no big master plan, just something in my intuition says this can help you.

It’s a pilot program. There are no testimonials and the only proof that this works is what I have shared with you.

The good news for you is it’s only $97 because I really want you to be able to afford to do this.

It starts the first week of April.  There will be a Facebook group so you can network and get to know other people who are participating and going through the same things in their business as you.

You can submit questions each week and they will be summarized and answered by me.

For $97 you really can’t lose.

The upside to this is if you learn one skill to help you grow your business you can apply it over and over again and continue to make more money as a result of what you have learned.

If you are in click here!

By the way… you can send me questions related to any of these topics in advance too and I will include them in the program. Email at or post your comments below!



19 thoughts on “The Pilot Project”

  1. Really cool….a gift basket business was one of my early ventures. Funny coinky-dink :) have been watching what you’ve been up to and I’m in :)

    1. That is so cool! I loved by gift business when I first started it, it was my first foray into my own thing 100% on my own!

  2. Un-freaking A-MAZING value Lisa… I know SO many people that could benefit from this.
    (actually, on the flip side, really don’t know many that couldn’t, including me ;-)

  3. Yah-Hoo! Signed up and registered Miss Lisa! Can’t wait to take my business to another level UP! :-) YOU rock! Thank YOU for offering this for us all! See you in Dallas! :-)

  4. Just started the pilot project and even if Lisa has given this away, for me it is one of the most important course I will ever do and I know that going in.

    That being said, even though we have barely begun I can say that Lisa is so hard nosed, demanding and tough so that in spite of yourself, working with her on The Pilot Project (and any project I am sure) she will push you into success… so terrified I go into my success thanks to Lisa.

  5. I strongly encourage all who want to stretch outside their box to consider this awesome program. It’s only been 2 weeks, and so far I’ve been stretching outside my own box time after time. The support from Lisa and the others in the program has been amazing. Getting me to think and focus on a newer business that I started Aug. of 2012. This gives me clarity, and ideas not yet discovered. Also realizing that I am worth those clients who are willing to pay for the services that my newer business has to offer them. Thanks Lisa! Excited to see what the next 6 weeks bring!

  6. Loving this program! Why? Because it is not a passive feel-good look at being an entrepreneur. It is roll your sleeves up, answer the really hard questions, and participate in your own success kind of work. It’s easy to see where Lisa’s success comes from and I am so grateful that she shares so generously.

  7. I have (and still am) participating in other programs to learn the ropes from women who have gone before creating amazing businesses, and I have to say that besides Lisa (who is amazing) being at the core, the structure of this program is unique and so effective! Having a weekly (thorough, thought-out and actionable) email, and then (professional, on-topic) support via a private forum that is actually active, as well as personal emails as needed, has been amazing. The community of other people in the group who are on the same journey has been so helpful as well, as I am learning almost as much from reading their accounts as exploring my own “homework.” I’m loving this program and know it will make a difference for all involved.

  8. I love this program! The main reason is because of the interaction I get with you and the invaluable insights you share not only on our forum but on our homework assignments as well! I love it!

  9. I am currently participating in The Pilot Project and I cannot tell you what a pleasure it has been to be in this workshop! It really has been more of a mastermind with the participation of the Facebook group. What a great, responsive bunch!

    This week’s assignment was amazing! I had so many wonderful breakthroughs and it really solidified many things I am already doing and also showed me where I need to step it up. Lisa really knows how to get to the core, breaking down each step. The questions she asks really make you think about your business, how it is now, and how to structure things for the future.

    The next time Lisa offers this course – RUN, don’t walk, to your computers to sign up!

  10. I’ve taken other classes and full courses before with Lisa so I knew I’d be pleased with anything she puts together. This Pilot Project is incredible for helping me get clear, focused and stretched beyond anything else I have participated in. I love the simplicity of the information/delivery, yet a depth of learning to independently work on your own goals….along with having the support of all other members and Lisa, herself. It’s structured and clear with lots of room to answer her tough and REAL questions, learn from others and ask your own questions. This class will exceed your expectations…that’s certainly the case for me and it’s only week 2!

  11. I’m only 2 weeks in to the Pilot Project and I’ve already gotten my return on this time/investment ten fold!
    Next time Lisa runs this program, make sure you get a seat on the Business learning bus! You Will NOT be disappointed!!

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