Some Big Names, and They All Have Something in Common

What do business people like Lisa Nichols, Brendon Burchard, Marcia Wieder, Lisa Sasevich, Christine Kane, Ken Kragen, Fabienne Fredrickson, Lisa Cherney, and others have in common (besides successful businesses, six, seven and eight figure earners, industry recognition and other amazing achievements!)?


If you go to any of their websites right this very moment, you will find video. Whether it’s a “welcome to my site” video or a list of videos to choose from, it’s there. And it’s on the homepage.

You see, video isn’t hidden within websites anymore, stuck under an about tab with a 3 tier dropdown that eventually gets you to a quick video clip from a local news cast.

It’s UP FRONT! It’s PERSONAL! And it’s quickly Lisa Larter Video Creation Formulabecoming a worldwide STANDARD for a business site.

Think about it. Your customers want to get to know, like and trust you. What better way to do that than face-to-face?

A welcome video or one that explains more about your business is the perfect way to establish a relationship. Once your visitors have seen your video they will feel like they already know you. They’ll sign up for your emarketing list, maybe even buy your products.

Think of it this way – what kind of site are you more likely to buy from? A simple site with product images and information or a site where someone welcomes you with a smile, introduces themselves and tells you more about their business?

Personally, I prefer to do business with people, not websites. And the only way to do that when you’re hundreds or even thousands of miles away is – VIDEO!

I can hear your grumblings and feel your fear. I know that video can be a bit intimidating. I know you’re thinking it’s expensive, or too technical for you. Or that you’re not ready, you don’t know what to say, how to dress, etc.

Fortunately, it’s really not that hard!

Now I know I’ve talked a lot about my Video Creation Formula this week but I can’t help myself. I’m pretty sure that this may be the MOST IMPORTANT training I’ve given away so far and I don’t want anyone to miss out on it.

Video is quickly becoming the norm, not the exception and if you don’t want to be left in the dust by your competitors, you MUST get on the Video bandwagon.

The Best News? I’m Here to Help!

If you haven’t already, check out the Video Creation Formula (click here) and signup so you’ll get updates on the rest of the series. (Be sure and grab your FREE Resource Guide Download too!)

And because I appreciate your support and want to know what your biggest challenges are when it comes to video – I’m going to do something special. I am going to randomly select three people from the comments and give them a $250 credit towards any of my products or services, just for showing up!
Lisa Larter

PS. And, I need to ask one little favor of you – If (and only if) you get amazing value from the content I share in this video series and if you feel that someone you know would benefit from it – would you please share the link with them? Remember, there’s no obligation to view this series. It’s just my way of helping you and other brilliant business minds like yours to climb another rung on that ladder to success!


4 thoughts on “Some Big Names, and They All Have Something in Common”

  1. Agreed Lisa. Video is quickly becoming the norm. In fact, in the world of PR, I’d say, VITAL in today’s digital media landscape. Journalists, more and more, are searching for ready-to-use multimedia to include in their stories and sharing video on their websites, blogs and twitter feeds. Adding video to your social strategy helps tell your story, and in the end, ensures your news is more easily shared.

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