Shop Talk – Social Media and The Law of Reciprocity

The law of reciprocity is at work all the time, whether you are paying attention to it or not.

It is happening on Social Media all the time — and I am guessing you might not have connected with how this is working “on you” and could be working “for you”.

If you want more people to engage with you – this video will help you to make the connection with how to do that from a place of authenticity and awareness.

Check it out and let me know what you think.







19 thoughts on “Shop Talk – Social Media and The Law of Reciprocity”

  1. Thank you so much for this reminder – it is something I often forget to do and now you have explained clearly why it is so important it will be firmly fixed in my mind.

  2. Lisa, You are so right. I have commented on some of my friends posts and realized that they are never commenting on mine. Is someone doing their posts for them or do they just not care? I’ve quit spending my time on them. It’s like being in a big group – I am drawn to the people who are interested in me and listen to my joy.
    People involved in sports say “chalk talk”. jl

    1. Some people are just not good engagers. I would focus more on what you can control and comment where it naturally feels like the right place to be. I like to comment and interact with people I work with because I really like to support them.

  3. I agree with the commenter above. Although the concept of reciprocity makes sense, in practice it often fails to deliver. My advice is:
    -be yourself and only comment on what truly interests you
    -make it easy for people to interact with you online, even if it just clicking ‘like’
    -show appreciation to people who take the time to comment, link or otherwise mention you online.

    My two pennies worth :-)

  4. Helpful? Always!! Love that you are being yourself on this video, too! Yes, I do believe that we need to “show up” – first rule of success – and interact in a genuine manner. I personally prefer a little comment along with a “Like”, but maybe I don’t yet have the volume of interactions that might make that prohibitive!

    1. I always prefer a comment to a like 100%, your words make all the difference in the world. They are by far the one way we connect and make a difference.

  5. Thanks Lisa, very good advice as always. Especially like your tip on having private lists for your customers/clients to make sure you don’t miss what they’re up to.

  6. This is such great information, Lisa. You are so true that it is not just commenting for the sake of commenting that matters, but being genuine in our appreciation of what others are doing, being and creating. Definitely going to share this!

  7. Thanks, Lisa for the shop talk on reciprocity. It was a good reminder. I am one of those folks who does not always have something to say that has not already been said by others. I hate saying the same thing. Therefore, I simply “like” the comment. I suppose I should be more creative.

  8. Hi Lisa, I love your shop talk moments. They just make sense and not just for social media. Thank you for making this available. Goal of the week is to give genuine positive comments via social media and other communication means.

    1. Thank you Ginette, I am glad they are helpful to you. I really enjoy doing them and have wanted to create a weekly webisode for quite some time. Now that I am finally doing it, I am glad it is helping others.

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