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Are you getting the most out of your e-Marketing?

Email Marketing is the one way you can consistently reach out and communicate with your clients. And, it is the ONLY WAY to reach them when you want wherever they are thanks to the Internet and Mobile Technology.TSBA Email Marketing - Lisa Larter

Something this important can’t be left to chance and guesswork. You have to learn how to use this platform to grab attention, engage and share your message with your audience. During this hour-long, instant download workshop I cover:

  • Why consistency is key and how sending a weekly newsletter will build a better relationship with those on your list.
  • The importance of using autoresponders and followup sequences to make an impression.
  • Why you should create campaigns and how to use them to improve your sales.
  • When to send a solo e-blast and what it should include.
  • That Can-SPAM really can cost you time and money and how to ensure you comply.
  • The importance of subject lines to grab attention and draw the reader in.
  • Which words you should avoid and why so that you stay out of spam folders and stay in front of your clients and prospects.
  • How to measure your readership, click-throughs, bounces and skips, and how these numbers affect your business.
  • When to do it yourself and when it’s time to hire help.

If you know you need to be using email marketing to engage with your list but you just don’t know how to go about it – NOW is the time to learn! Just Click Here and order the Online Email Marketing Workshop and get started immediately!


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