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When was the last time that you got out from behind your screen and joined the “land of the living”? If you’re an entrepreneur, especially a work-from-home one, you may not connect with other people as often as you like because you find yourself busy. Busy getting things done, busy trying to grow your business, busy consuming social media and busy taking care of your family.

Can you relate?

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Entrepreneurship can feel incredibly lonely. You can’t build a business alone and you may not survive your entrepreneurial years without a support system in place. However, that doesn’t have to mean leaving the house every single day, to meet people for coffee, and wasting valuable time. Community comes in many forms.

If you’ve struggled with finding community, here are two methods that have been incredibly useful for connection in my own business journey:

1. Live Events

Live events can be exhilarating and intimidating. When I began preparations for my  annual Money, Mindset & Marketing event, I was keenly aware of the things that needed to happen to foster a community of comfort, engagement and fun, while also looking for the best ways in which people can connect and build relationships while they are there.

Some people shy away from conferences, workshops, and other live events because it feels a bit overwhelming at first – networking makes them squeamish. The thought of putting yourself out there and connecting with hundreds of people can be daunting but it’s also incredibly worthwhile if you take the leap.

When I first started going to live events, I was awkward and shy, always waiting for people to come to me. I learned that if I just made an effort to connect with others, they would warmly embrace me and because of that I have built some incredible relationships that have led to unbelievable opportunities in my business. That’s what happens when you connect with like-minded people.

A live event is great for this because everyone who is there has chosen to be there — they’ve taken the time away from their family or business to be there, purchased their ticket and have likely shown up with specific outcomes in mind. An event like this is usually filled with people who have big intentions and trust me, there is nothing more powerful and inspiring than a room full of motivated individuals.

Live events also offer you a concentrated opportunity for learning. The day(s) are usually filled with content and are generally hyper-focused on a few key areas. This means that you can go into the event knowing that you’ll walk away with new information and business building action steps.

2. Group Coaching Programs

If the idea of joining people face-to-face makes you anxious, you should try to tap into the power of a group coaching program. Group coaching programs are a great way to build relationships with a small group of like-minded business people over a structured period of time that is usually anywhere from three months to one year.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to see the power of community in my private work with clients. In my Profit Pods, for example, groups meet on a regular basis using Zoom.us to work together on their goals and get solid business coaching and advice. These groups are small and intimate (only five or six people per group) and allow for lots of open sharing, vulnerability, and attention.

Group coaching will give you the connection you’re desiring and the momentum needed to power through your most important business activities. Two things that you may not be able to evoke on your own.

Entrepreneurship does not have to be a lonely journey when you decide to tap into at least one live event a year for the purpose of learning, and when you have some type of group you can rely on for business support.

Your Homework

I want to know in the comments: what’s your preferred way to connect with other people? Online or in-person? Then, I also want to know where you’ve found the best support for your business – was it in a Facebook group, a live event, a networking group or somewhere completely different?


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  1. Preferred is always in person…but in today’s busy society it seems like running to meet people sucks your time. For those people who are special in my life…I like to see them in person. When I can’t email, phone, text…however I can stay in touch with them works for me. The important rule for me is to…stay in touch! For those amazing people that live so far away from me, like you Lisa, I try to stay in contact through the mail, Facebook, email…whatever works at the time to stay in touch.

    I work behind my desk most of the time…but the great thing about The COO Experience is I get to meet some really great business women and networking generally happens through our business – it keeps me grounded and not stuck to my computer screen!

    Thanks for another great article Lisa!

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