Ask Lisa – What is the difference between Closed and Secret Groups on Facebook?


Q: What is the difference between Closed and Secret Groups on Facebook?Ask Lisa - Groups

A: A closed group is a group that you can search for and find on Facebook. You can even view members but it requires you to get permission to be part of the group.

A secret group is hidden from the general public. The only way you can know about it is to be added by the administrator.

The best option for you will depend on the purpose for the group you are creating and the members who will be included.


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  1. Hi Lisa, I have fan page, MyHealthAbility powered by truestar and did create a secret group in my own personal fb profile but as my team grew this became too big and as my lines grow I will not necessarily know everyone personally so I have recently created a profile (not fan page) that I can post certain public items but wish to keep our TeamAbility business tips and shares private. I LIKED your page on this, Truestar TeamAbility profile. Have I done this right? I’ve just started to transfer things over. Any additional tips for me? Thank you, Leslie

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