5 Secrets to List Building Success

Lisa Larter - 5 Secrets to List Building Success - Shop Talk

Has anyone ever told you that your list is EVERYTHING?

Did they tell you why or how to build a successful list so that you could use it to engage, grow your business and make more money?

Your list is everything because those are the people who are most likely to know you, like you, and BUY from you. <—-Click Here to Tweet This!

These are the people that you communicate with on a regular basis (you should be doing so at least once a week) and who have already expressed an interest in your and your services or products. They are people who have registered on your site, purchased a product, or requested more information about you and your business.

These are the best kinds of leads – Warm Leads!

Using these 5 secrets, you can successfully build a great quality list that will become one of your best marketing tools through world of mouth marketing…

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1 thought on “5 Secrets to List Building Success”

  1. That’s great advice, Lisa. The part about picturing just ONE person at a time when writing an e-zine or an article. I’ve been writing for Productive Day for 10 years now and I hadn’t heard that bit of advice. I always think about my ideal audience and client, sure, but I hadn’t thought of writing to just ONE person at a time. I will work that into my thought process!


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