What You Have in Common With Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher revealed a whole lot more than his real name on the Teen Choice Awards.  (It’s Chris btw)

He also revealed some key business principles that I think you might like.

Ashton is a trail blazer.  He is the guy that challenged CNN years ago to a race to get to one million Twitter followers.  He showed, single-handedly that in today’s socially connected world, one person has more power than an entire media conglomerate.  Yes – he got there first.

Smart is the New SexyIn this video he has three core messages that resonate with me big time.

  1. Opportunities look a lot like work.
  2. Being sexy means being really smart, thoughtful and generous.  Everything else is crap.  Don’t buy or buy into the crap.
  3. Life is made up of people no smarter than you.  That means you can make up life your own way.  Build a life don’t live one – build it exactly the way you want it to be.

I love this because I have worked really fricken hard my entire life to get where I am.  I remember what it was like to work for minimum wage, double shifts in retail, and to live over draft to over draft.  I dropped out of high school – there is NO way I would have the life I have today if it wasn’t for hard work.  The good news is hard work is accessible to all of us.

I have forgiven my husband for telling me how smart I am because now I know – Smart is the new sexy, and smart can be learned. (TWEET THIS)

You can be smart (I know you are already thoughtful and generous).  All you have to do is commit to a life of learning.  Hyrum Smith says we all need to expand our vocabulary – do this by reading more and your sexy factor will go up tenfold!

Lastly, build that life.  This is what I have learned as of late – the more quiet time I take to sit and reflect, the clearer I get on the life I am trying to build.  It’s easy to say we can all build our lives but we gotta get off the treadmill called life and think about what you really want.  You can’t build it if you don’t take time to create clarity on what you want.

This message is definitely worth five minutes of your time.  Watch the video and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    Great blog, great insight and great video post. I just fell in love with Ashton Kutcher, but it wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t written the blog you did. It made me want to watch the video…..over and over again.

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