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Do These Two Things to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Have you thought about your marketing strategy lately? Let me preface with this: marketing is confusing and convoluted. The internet is busy, noisy, and the competition is greater than ever. There are more social media profiles and websites today than ever before, and there will be even more tomorrow.

What does this mean for you?

It’s no longer enough to just do the basics. Your business can’t survive on one blog post a month, one newsletter a quarter, and poor quality, sporadic social media postings.

You need to change your marketing strategy if you want to change your results and I’ll show you two ways to do this. And before you dismiss these two things, you should know that while they may seem simple in concept, they are not so easy to execute.

These two strategies require effort, time, and commitment.

Marketing Strategy #1: Create Outstanding Content

It’s not enough to write a blah blog.

You need to create content that stands out from the noise. It needs to be so good that it makes other people feel good to share it.

#Marketing Strategy 101: Your content needs to stands out from the noise. It needs to be so good that it makes other people feel good to share it. Share on X

Here are some questions to ask yourself: Is this content optimized for SEO and social media? Does it have a great title and imagery associated with it?

What you’re putting out there has got to be valuable to the person consuming it. What I mean by “valuable” isn’t in the sense that you’re sharing something “nice to know.” It needs to evoke a reaction of, “Wow, I need to know this”. That’s value.

Your content needs to improve your readers’ condition in some way. They are giving you their attention, and you need to provide something of value in return.

Marketing Strategy #2: Cultivate Meaningful Relationships

Do These Two Things to Improve Your Marketing Strategy, by Lisa LarterIn order to cultivate meaningful relationships, you need to stop doing a few things:

  • Please stop talking at people.
  • Stop showing up once a week to schedule all your content.
  • And stop mindlessly scrolling and hitting the like button on cute puppy photos.

The way you cultivate meaningful relationships is through deep listening and conversation.

A “like” or love button doesn’t help you cut through the noise, and it doesn’t convey emotion, understanding or value.

A like or love button doesn't help you cut through the noise, and it doesn't convey emotion, understanding or value. You won’t stand out that way. Actually show up in people’s lives online. #MarketingStrategy101 Share on X

You need to comment and engage with other people’s content in a meaningful way if you want to stand out. You’re going to have to be intentional about showing up in groups and communities and answering questions to add a ton of value. Show your expertise. Show up.

I’d love to see more people use the Direct Message function to talk to others, not to pitch them. Social media is an extension into your client’s lives, so pay attention to what is going on… and respond accordingly.

You need to listen to what people are saying, especially your current and future clients.

The Heart Of Marketing:

In short, you need to care.

You need to care about how you show up.

Care about how you make others feel.

And care about making a difference.

We forget that marketing is supposed to help other people know how you can help them solve a problem they have.

Marketing isn’t about you. Marketing is about your customer.

Do it well for them.

Tell me below – how do you intentionally cultivate meaningful relationships with potential and current clients?


6 thoughts on “Do These Two Things to Improve Your Marketing Strategy”

  1. One to one marketing and providing top class service can nail your way to success. I have seen many brands which just keep themselves focused toward serving customer best they generally win the game as after sometime customer service becomes their competitive advantage.

  2. Kia Ora Lisa. In my Roundabout Pre-Loved Boutique for Breast Cancer in Napier I take photos of my customers in the new gear they have just purchased, elaborating on why they bought it and what reaction they have. They LOVE it and clamoured to LIKE my facebook so they can see themselves as models. Thank you for asking. Annie Dennehy

  3. The key strategy that most successful brands follow is sending out eye-catchy, yet relevant messages to their target audience and engaging with them on the right mediums.

  4. Hey Lisa, great post. Improving marketing strategy has become essential these days. As businesses are emerging online and want to build their online presence. This post is helpful for the same. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I agree content is the king. A content which provides the most information it can to the readers is the best. As, marketing is all about reaching out to the people whom you can help and helping them in the best possible way. A content which grabs most of the audience attention rules.Keep sharing.

  6. Hey, thanks for sharing such an informative post. These tips help in improving the marketing strategy. Businesses are doing various marketing campaigns for promoting their business. Social media marketing and search engine optimization are in big trend. Keep sharing more such posts.

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