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Rapid Content Creation

During my Roadmap Workshop, we cover all kinds of different topics. One really important one that we discuss is about rapid content creation.

The group is provided a list of questions to stimulate ideas around how they think about content. And then together, we do two powerful exercises.

The first exercise is to put people in pairs and have their partner give them a list of ideas for content that they would like to see if they visited the other person’s website.

This is extremely helpful because when you’re an expert in your business, it’s easy to forget what someone else doesn’t know because you know so much. A second perspective can easily help you create a plethora of ideas rapidly.

The second exercise is to create a piece of content in 15 minutes. Every participant must pick one topic that has been offered to them and quickly draft a piece of content they could use in under 15 minutes.

The two biggest barriers to content creation are not knowing what to say and not having time to do it.

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In under 30 minutes, these exercises will provide you with 10-15 ideas and one new piece of content and you’ll see that it’s possible to rapidly create content that is valuable for your buyer.

Try it!

Find a colleague and schedule a call with them and replicate this exercise. I suspect you’ll find it incredibly valuable.

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