The Real Deal on How Social Media Can Drive Results in Your Business

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Let’s face it, the economy today is challenging and business owners everywhere are trying to learn how to adapt fast so they can still be in business five years from now.

The model has changed and many smart, savvy business owners are struggling to understand exactly how they can use Social Media Marketing to jumpstart results in their business.

This full day workshop is designed to help you accelerate your business, and to assist you in gaining an immediate short-term social media business plan geared towards propelling you and your business forward.

Using a simple but powerful methodology that you can apply over and over gain for results you will learn exactly how to:

  1. Leverage your presence online so you can build a strong social media following
  2. Determine what you want your following to know about you and your business
  3. Understand the strategy behind monetizing your online presence
  4. Selectively choose the right social networks for you and your business
  5. Strategically plan how to develop your content for your new customer
  6. Delegate the heavy lifting to someone who wants to do the work for you
  7. Measure what matters so you can see the progress you are making and easily identify your return on investment
  8. Plan your time so you don’t get caught up in the Zone of Social Time Drain

Being the best you can be in businessNot only will you learn powerful new skills at this workshop, you will also leave with an array of tools to help you succeed:

  1. The Social Media Business Model – A one page plan completed by you to help you move forward and take action
  2. Simple Goal Setting Formula – One that you can use over and over again to help you achieve all your business goals
  3. Measure What Matters Dashboard – A dashboard to measure all aspects of your business so you can see exactly how your business is progressing each month.

According to Socialnomics, if you are not using Social Media, your business may not exist in the next five years. This workshop is guaranteed to propel you forward and create success in the upcoming year.

Decide now to TAKE ACTION and improve your business! Click Here and register for this amazing live event and join us on March 22nd in sunny Tampa, FL!


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