Stop the Website Shame Game!


Are you suffering from “website shame”?

You know what I mean.

That feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when someone asks for your web address.

Perhaps it begins with a flurry of panic because you realize you haven’t posted any new content on your blog in 2 years.

Or, it could be that fluttery sick feeling you get when you realize your pictures on the site are 3 years old and look nothing like you.

Maybe it’s the icky feeling you get when you think about how your content throughout the site, especially your products and services, are way outdated…

You get these feelings because you know that this is your “first” impression on the web. This is what everyone sees when they Google you and it’s not an accurate representation of you or your business.

You know this, but you still don’t fix it because it’s overwhelming. You have no idea where to start or how to get it all done.

Today, I want to share the first in a series of videos that are all about building confidence around making your website great again. Using some of the tools and structure I share in The Content Pilot, I will give you a sneak peek into the wide world of content.

We will cover:

1)   How to fix up all the content on your site and make it better

2)   How to increase traffic to your site

3)   How to use that traffic to build your list

4)   How to turn connections into leads and leads into sales

In this Shop Talk Video you’ll learn all about the Content Funnel and why the content on your website is so important. <—Click to Tweet

Click play and find out how to build this foundation in your business, then tell me in the comments, what is the number one thing on your website that you need to get updated?

Want even more on how to create great content for your business? Check out The Content Pilot, open now!




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