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Rationalizing Doing The Work

Last week, Kylie on my team asked me for blog content one week before our annual big event. I typed up a reply to her to say, “let’s skip next week” and then I had a moment.

Skipping out on the things that make you successful is easy to do. Deciding to remain consistent at content creation even when you’re busy is what a true pro does.

There are a whole set of activities that will help you to build a successful business only if you are disciplined and consistent.  As we move closer to the end of the year, I challenge you to be the person who does what needs to be done now and not wait for the “New Year” to change.  

If you start now, your habits will be in place and it will make kicking off the new year a piece of cake. Click To Tweet

Here’s a list of five items you should be doing consistently in your business, and by consistent, I mean on a regular schedule, not when you “feel” like it:

  1. Weekly Sales Reporting. If you’re not looking at the numbers in your business every week, you don’t really have a business. And if you’re not selling something in your business every week, chances are there is a HUGE opportunity for you to improve and grow.
  1. Monthly Financial Reporting. This includes reviewing your balance sheet, profit and loss statements, and assessing your cashflow situation. I am so passionate about this that next year, instead of hosting Money, Mindset and Marketing, I’m offering a completely new, two day workshop called Money Over Mindset to help business owners get fiscally fit. If you want to know more, let me know.
  1. Weekly (at minimum) creation of content for the purpose of marketing. If you don’t know what to write about, talk about or create videos about, chances are you have a listening problem or you don’t really understand what your customers need help with.
  1. Daily marketing of some sort. Every single day you should show up on social media and share something of value. When I say something of value, I don’t mean cat videos and politics (unless that’s your business). I mean something that can help someone, something that elevates your content and credibility. You don’t become prolific by being a best kept secret.
  1. Daily expansion of your knowledge bank. I read every day. That’s why I started Thought Readers – because I fundamentally believe that you have to keep on growing as a business owner. If you want to become a more well rounded business owner, read a book for at least 15 minutes EVERY single day.

Now let’s circle back to how I started this week’s message to you. I almost bailed and used an excuse to avoid doing this work. I almost let my rationalization take over. I almost didn’t have any ideas that were good enough.

But…I caught myself and decided instead to show up.  People who show up over and over again have moments where they don’t feel like doing the work, but they have enough awareness and self-discipline to not buy into that crap.

Do you make an effort to keep your business and marketing practices consistent? Let me know in the comments below.


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