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No Such Thing as Too Busy

This week, I’ve got clients visiting me here in Nova Scotia and I’m prepping for next week’s Roadmap Workshop in Ottawa, which means, I’m a wee bit short on time when it comes to creating a brand new blog post.

That means I’ve got to make a decision: I can buy into the “I’m too busy to do this” mentality or I can do something else.  

Because I believe in modelling what can be done, I’ve found two things that I think you’ll find invaluable over the next couple of months for your business.

Before I share those two things with you, I want to preface: Taking a break doesn’t mean abdicating responsibility for your business.

Whether you’re away, have clients in town, or you’re taking summer holidays, you sanja-137284-unsplashtill need to show up and keep your foot on the gas if you want to have a fruitful year.

Yes, it’s nice to take some time off, and it’s equally important not to let your customers and potential clients down when you’re taking that time off.

Be sure to manage expectations like a pro and deliver what you promise.

Here is what I’ve got for you:

  1. At the start of the year, I published this stellar reading list. It’s 13 books we read in Thought Readers last year, and they are all still powerful, relevant reads. Pick one or two off of this list and get busy reading this summer:
  1. A while back, I decided to stop selling The Pilot Project and instead, I chose to give it away. If you haven’t taken this program, it’s up for grabs and is guaranteed to help you in your business regardless of whether you have an idea, are in startup, or want to grow.  It’s a ten-week program, packed with tons of value, spreadsheets, and an amazing community of entrepreneurs you’ll meet via the private Facebook group when you join. If you’d like to learn with us, you can sign up here:
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Between The Pilot Project, and the 13 books I recommended in my reading list, you have the resources to really hunker down and dedicate the next couple of months to rev things up in your business. Don’t let yourself get into the summer holiday slump if you want to meet your big, audacious goals.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you’re going to read one of the listed books, or if you’re going to work through The Pilot Project modules.


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