Shop Talk – Mobile Apps You Might Like!

Wouldn’t you LOVE it if someone could tell you exactly what apps you should use on your mobile device so you don’t have to try them all yourself? Since I own a Wireless Store (Parlez Wireless) the team is always sharing fun stuff with me so I thought this week I would share some of my favorites with you.

The great thing about mobile technology is it allows you to be connected and productive while on the go. I want to encourage you to embrace technology today and try a couple of new things and if you like this type of video, knowing more about mobile, please leave a comment on my blog to let me know.

In my former life at the store they called me the Wireless Wonder Woman 😉

I’d also love to hear what your favorite app is. Leave it in the comments too: you never know, one app can make a huge difference to someone else and a lot of people read this blog so shout out your faves too!


4 thoughts on “Shop Talk – Mobile Apps You Might Like!”

  1. LOVE these tips, Lisa!

    One of my goals is to really leverage my technology to help me in my biz and life and I’d love to see more mobile tips from you — Wireless Wonder Woman!

    An app I like is Evernote Hello — fun app for helping to remember the contacts we make with photos, notes, location you met, etc. Check it out!

  2. well felt pretty good to see that I have all that you recommended. The productivity ones that I use frequently are Toodledo (great for prioritizing the to do list) and C Journal (for contact management). I also use Notability for notes (either typed or written). They are all under $10 and have changed my life. Love them, Love them, Love them!!

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