Is Your Business In Startup?

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Competition in business is fierce!

The Internet has made it easy for anyone to hang a shingle, open for business, and begin selling products and services. Your barrier to entry is much easier and affordable than opening a traditional bricks and mortar business and, because of this, there are WAY more people starting businesses than ever before.

This means that your ability to be unique and clear in your why is more important then ever if you really want to stand out.

When I first started my consulting business and decided to help people with Social Media, I knew I couldn’t be the same as everyone else if I wanted my business to thrive.

There had to be a way to be uniquely different and positioned from the competition.

When you are trying to be unique and different you can’t do business the exact same way as everyone else or you won’t stand out. You will be the same, just like them, and that doesn’t give your customer a compelling reason to choose you.

What makes you different is what sells.

Stop trying to be the same as other successful people and start looking at it this way: What is that thing that makes you different from the rest?

Let’s look at my business as an example for you to follow:

Social Media Experts are a dime a dozen so why even bother, right?

Anyone can say they are an expert. I see people with 300 Twitter followers boasting they are the “best” at Social Media.

So what set me apart?

When I started teaching Social Media to business owners it wasn’t just about Social Media. That’s what made me different.

I am NOT an expert at Social Media. I don’t know EVERYTHING when it comes to Social Media but I do know this:

I have incredible retail subject matter expertise when it comes to building a business, measuring what matters, attracting customers, and closing sales.

I also understand how people use their mobile device and how to leverage that device addiction so that you can stay connected to your customer and prospect.

I innately understand how Social Media bridges it all together creating as secret sauce for success in business.

And, I know that teaching you how to install a fancy app on your Facebook page is NOT the key to helping you create sustainable success in your business. But, teaching you how to build relationships and get clarity and confidence in what you do can.

This video talks about why I got started, how to create your own category and really stand out.

You can do this too whether you’re in start up or already have a successful business.

Start by asking yourself these three questions:

1. What am I really good at?

2. How am I different from my competition?

3. Why do your customers love doing business with you?

If you understand these three questions, you are on your way to creating your own category and standing out amongst the competition.

Share your answer to one of these questions in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Is Your Business In Startup?”

  1. Your business is anchored by a popular topic – but you bring a unique angle to it that provides a point of focus and sets you apart.

    At nMarket we do the same. Marketing and business consultants are plentiful, but I’m the only one I’m aware of that weaves in the power of technology to market smarter and connect with and deliver a better experience to customers.

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