Shop Talk – Get Your Gravatar On!

The last couple of weeks have been amazing! So many emails, comments and messages of support for my new Shop Talk series! I am T H R I L L E D that you are enjoying it!

One thing I have noticed tho is a huge spike in comments on my blog from people who don’t have their pretty little faces connected to their email accounts yet and well… I want to see you!

This week’s shop talk is about setting that up so you can leave comments all over the world wide web an be recognized! Are you ready to learn how?



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  1. Lisa,
    Thanks so much for this. I also put pinterest on my website ( from your last shop talk). Can you let me know if the gravatar follows this comment. Thanks – your shop talks are VERY helpful! Wendy B

  2. You can also connect with me at

    I agree with you Lisa, I much prefer seeing the actual face of the person I am connecting with.

    Enjoying Shop Talk.


  3. I tried setting up a Gravatar a while ago, but i believe I was unsuccessful because if you have a wordpress website, you are already signed up and I wasn’t aware of that. Now my username is used! Well, I’m making a comment to see if I come up as a sillouhette!

    • Hi Eva
      Gravatar is not connected to a user name it is connected to your email accounts. You should be able to set one up – I did after I set up wordpress.

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Just had some time to peek at this video but I cannot access it. Did youtake it down Lisa?
    Can you check it out and repost…… Hope so…..

  5. Lisa,
    Forget my last comment… it is t here… it just took a long time… you know instant acess is the norm… have a great day.

  6. Lisa – once again you ‘saved the day’ – I often wondered why when I would comment on blogs….I would just be another set of head and shoulders….NOW – I get to be ME! Thanks a million for sharing this useful and often missed step. XO

    • Thanks Bruce, I do use a Rhode mic but I guess you can’t tell :-) will check out what you sent and consider an upgrade. The one I use was recommended to me and is a boom mic versus a lav mic.

  7. I caught your interview with Alan Weiss PhD. Wow, good stuff. I am so glad that I did because now I found you! Thank you for the great content. I read most of the books on your top 10, but the ones I did not read are welcome new additions to my reading list.

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