Eliminate Overwhelm in Four Easy Steps

I know you have had those moments – when you feel like just giving up and stopping.  This is a classic symptom that you are overwhelmed in your business.

This happens to all of us.  The difference between the uber successful and everyone else is what they do when overwhelm sets in.  Let me know what you think of my four steps, and leave me a comment on your greatest tip for eliminating overwhelm – I know you have one!


7 thoughts on “Eliminate Overwhelm in Four Easy Steps”

  1. Thanks, Lisa. Just wiped the quicksand off my boots and am forging ahead….. into momentum. Excellent reminder to all us “do it yourselfers” – “You’re only as good as what you can teach someone else to do!” SO TRUE!
    Great stuff, as always! So glad that you are my Social Media mentor!!

  2. Love this, Lisa. And I love, “TURN OVERWHELM INTO MOMENTUM!” I needed this today. Having just quit my j.o.b. – this was my first Monday to work at my new career full time. LOVED IT. But I felt so behind and OVERWHELMED. So, thank you for this. One thing that helped me today too was to put myself in a mode where I took the emotion out of the overwhelm and just looked at what I needed to get done as the FACTS. I’m going to keep that MOMENTUM tomorrow – and I’ll be having a Starbucks and thinking of you.

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