Are You Missing What your Customers Are Tweeting About You?

Are you listening to the right things on Twitter?  Just this week one of my clients had a break through when it came to Twitter.

It was awesome.Lisa Larter - Twitter Search

We were talking about Twitter and I asked her about using Search.  Through our discussion, I found that she didn’t really use search the way I thought she could be using it to build her business.  She wasn’t using it to find people who were talking about her and her company.  Truth is she was missing out on a lot of conversation about her business.

We made list of a bunch of search terms and got to investigating. Guess what? Each time we searched a new term, we found people that were talking about her and her business!

I am guessing you would like to know what we searched now wouldn’t you?  That’s the best part – it’s so easy!

  1. Her name (not her twitter handle) but her actual name.  In my case that search would be Lisa Larter.
  2. Her company name (also not her twitter handle).  We searched her company name as all one word and with spaces.  We found people talking about her business in both instances.
  3. Her name – spelled wrong!  Yup, people do it all the time.  They spell your name wrong.  And, you already know the mistakes they make.  You hear then when they talk to you.  Go look for common spelling mistakes for your name and your business name.  We found tweets under both – I am not joking!

Lisa Larter Search on TwitterLisa Larter Search - Twitter

This is a super simple and easy way for you to find the conversations you are missing out on.  It allows you to acknowledge people who are talking about you and let them know you are listening.  Most people I talk to have never done this.  My suggestion is set it up as a saved search and then you can check it on your computer or mobile device easily.

The second biggest Customer Service mistake made by companies is ignoring a satisfied customer and thanking them for their praise and comments.  It makes them feel their positive feedback wasn’t important.

Do you know what the #1 biggest Customer Service mistake you can make is?  Ignoring a customer complaint.

Your customers might not be “tweeting the right way” and that’s okay. It’s your job as the owner of the business to find those Tweets and figure out the best way to connect with them.

Go do your homework, set up these searches, leave me a comment and let me know if you find anything.

For more twitter training tips check out our upcoming Twitter Business Building Workshop – it is going to be filled with some great actionable and easy to use Twitter Tips that help you get results!



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