Are you Better at Giving than Taking Advice

Lisa Larter Webbiquity Nifty 50 #nifty50I just found out that I made the #Nifty50 list for Women in Tech on Twitter from Webbiquity and from the looks of the list, I think I may just be the only Canadian.

I am struggling though with how I should promote this because I am used to working with my clients and telling them exactly what to do with things like this – I don’t usually have to give myself the advice.  I think this is normal for us entrepreneurs who come from a place of service.  We are better at giving others advice versus taking our own.

I thought I would make a list of all the things I would tell my client to do if they were on this list so it could be used as a learning experience for others.  I am then going to challenge my team to hold me accountable to doing these things for myself too.

  1. Write a blog about it and link to the article.  This is a great way to share and celebrate what has been written (anytime someone blogs about you or your business) and provides a link to Social Proof that it really did happen.
  2. Update your Bio to reflect that you were listed with 50 other women, one of which is Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo.  This is building credibility by association. Even though you have never met the fabulous Marissa Mayer, you are now associated with someone of her credibility and you should use that to your benefit.  The same is true when you speak at events with other high profile speakers.  This should all be in your bio.
  3. Share on Social Media sites.  You want to celebrate and let your community know but you also want be careful you do not sound too self-serving.  There is a balance between sharing and making yourself sound really egotistical about the whole thing.  You want to share, but include your community in some way as you would not be where you are if it was not for your community.
  4. Contact the Local News.  If you made a list like this and you have any type of connection with a local TV producer, you should share. You never know when they might be looking for an angle for a show and this one piece of publicity could be the thing that differentiates you.  It may turn out that it is not, but it is a great reason to connect with them and let them know you have been recognized and what that means for your community.  In my case, because I seem to be the only Canadian, it is a differentiator.

These are four simple ways you can leverage one piece of content.  I’d love to hear what other ways you would advise someone else to share if this happened to them.

And, if you nominated me…please let me know! I have no idea how I made the list as I did not nominate myself and I would like to thank whoever put my name forward!


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