7 Signs You’re Leaving Money on the Table


Do you ever wonder why you struggle to make your sales targets? Or are you just plain struggling to make ends meet in your business?

I’ve been there and I’ve realized it comes down to 7 key things you aren’t doing. If you start doing just one of these things, I know you will see a difference.

1. You don’t respond with a sense of urgency.

Respond to all client email inquiries within a 24-hour period so your customers and your potential new customers feel like you are interested in their business.

2. You don’t return calls.

When someone leaves you a voicemail it is critical for you or someone on your team to return the call. Don’t make the assumption that the person who called you is always looking for a handout or a discount.

3. You don’t ask for the sale.

If you want the sale, ask for the sale. Don’t be afraid that they might say no or think they can’t afford it. Learn how to close the sale in a way that feels good to you and allows your customer to make a decision.  If the decision is no, you do not have to take it personally.  Not everyone will say yes, but everyone you don’t ask will.

4. You lack clarity on what you are selling and how it benefits others.

You must have unwavering certainty and clarity on what you offer and know exactly how it can help others (especially if you are service based). When people ask you for help you don’t want to stumble because you don’t know yourself, what you offer or what you charge.  Write it down, practice saying it out loud, speak with confidence and have faith in yourself.

5. You have never paid what you want to be paid.

It is time to get out of your own way. Don’t let your own limiting beliefs around who will and won’t buy your product/service interfere. Just because you have never invested this amount of money yourself doesn’t mean others won’t. When you step up to the plate and invest in the same amount yourself as you want others to invest in you, it builds confidence and instantly removes the limiting belief inside of you – you are now someone who has done that.

6. You don’t have a sales process.

Create a system or structure around how to sell and follow it in your business. Selling fundamentals are the same.  Learn what they are and become a master at what goes into a good sales cycle. Gather the right information to see how you can serve or sell to your prospect and always be prepared when you are having a sales discussion.

7. You are not focused.

Stay on course. Don’t get distracted so that you fail to notice a buying signal when it is right in front of you. Are you more concerned with how many people like your Facebook post than you are about where your next sale is coming from?  You may be expending valuable energy in places that do not align with what you want most because you are not really focused.  If you are focused on selling more, do one thing every day to help you sell more.  It sounds simple, but it works.

Sales don’t magically show up in your business, you need to be intentional about creating them <- Tweet This

Once you gain clarity around your sales process, how much you want to sell, your numbers and the details… you’re going to notice a difference. Get your head out of the sand (or off your iPhone) and really show up and focus like a true professional.

This week I want to revisit I video I did last spring where I talk about the numbers. It’s so important for you to know how your business is doing financially. This is where the juice is – you can see exactly how your efforts are yielding. Watch and let me know, how often do you track your sales? Daily, weekly, monthly?

If you are afraid of asking for the sale,  join me in The Sales Pilot. Let me help you overcome the fear of selling so you can make more money in your business.


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