3 Ways to Use Twitter to Get Results


One of my absolute favourite tools to use in my business is Twitter because it allows me to engage with other people immediately.

I can get answers to questions about products, programs, people, you name it. All at my fingertips on my touchscreen phone.

Even more, I can GIVE answers to others who have questions about things I am knowledgeable about. This allows me to drive traffic to my website and begin to build relationships with people who are prospective clients by helping them rather than selling to them.

There are three basic ways that I use Twitter to get real results in my business and on this week’s Shop Talk, I’m going to share them with you.

And, if you’re still not sure what the whole Twitter thing is all about, you can click here to check out a post I shared a while back with basic steps to get started. Or, for more in-depth help, you can check out the Twitter Tools to Increase Productivity workshop now for step-by-step Twitter training. Just Click Here to Get Instant Access!

What is your favourite marketing tool in your business?

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  1. Thanks Lisa. Didn’t know about the search function and now I do. Going to use the two ears God gave me and get started. One question: when you said “save the searches” any suggestions on how best to do that?

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