25 Reasons I Love Twitter

Next month it will be FOUR years since I set up my Twitter account.  Time certainly flies and I have to say, my affection for Twitter has yet to dwindle. If anything, it’s grown!

So, I am hoping that if you are still a Twitter Quitter I might be able to convince you to give it just one more try!

I also have a confession to make – Four years ago, I didn’t get it either. I was in a panic because I knew it was something I had to learn for my business but I just couldn’t make sense of it. So, I hired someone to teach me how to use Twitter and it was the best $200 I ever spent.

I love Twitter because it is the perfect combination of business tool and personal conversation engine that feeds my desire to talk to people when I am working at my office alone.

Twitter is also the number one Social Network when it comes to referring traffic to my website – so I know it works.

I love Twitter for many reasons and I thought some of the reasons might resonate with you if you are not a big Tweeter yet! I am hoping to convince you to come and join Twitter, or get back into the Twitter game if you have been avoiding it.

Let me tell you why I love Twitter so much:Lisa Larter I Love Twitter

1. I can talk to anyone I want on Twitter, which allows me to connect globally with real people like you and me, community leaders, celebrities, reporters, organizations and brands I like.  This level of access is invaluable to me.

2. I can talk about any subject and I do talk about a lot of things.  It doesn’t have to be all business.  In fact, much of what I talk about is plain old conversation that allows me to connect and easily meet new people.

3. I can search and save specific topics and keep informed on what interests me really easily.  I can then forward information I want to refer to later to my inbox so I don’t misplace it or, I can easily share it with some of my clients.

4. I can put all my Twitter friends into cool lists making it easy to pay attention to select groups.  And, I can hide my clients in private lists so my competitors don’t know who they are.

5. I can get answers to questions immediately when I ask my Twitter community. It doesn’t matter if it is a restaurant recommendation or if I am trying to figure out how to do something on a Mac.  Someone is always there to help.  Think of it as a 300 million plus strong support group, and it’s free!

6. I can share photos very easily, such as the tons of pictures of my dogs I’ve shared, and no one minds. In fact, I use the hash tag #CutePic and lots of people retweet (share) my photos with their followers.

7. I can share videos that support my business or are just fun to watch, and I can share other people’s videos with my community.

8. I can voice my opinion to main stream media on topics that matter to me and pay close attention to the news in the city I am in.

9. I can create hashtags for my clients, making it easy for them to find things.  I can do the same for conferences, live events etc., to connect with others attending beforehand.

10. I can host tweet chats and participate in fun dialogue in real time, allowing people to have access to me, and me to them, in a format that works and is engaging, fun and very interactive.

11. I can shout out people who make a difference on #FollowFriday and let my community know they should know about these people. This is a great way to make people feel appreciated and that matters to me.

12. I can easily recommend people to others when they are looking for help which creates a win/win/win situation.

13. I can block the creepy people who I don’t want to engage in conversation with (and I do block relentlessly).  I want Twitter to be fun, so if you are mean, annoying or harassing in any way – you are gone!

14. I can make communicating with me really easy at events by giving the audience my twitter handle and offering to answer questions when they tweet to me.

15. I can create private lists for people I would like to work with, or like to meet and make a point of following what they are talking about so I can jump into the conversation.

16. I can spy on my competition and do market research. Yes – you can do that on Twitter and I love it!

17. I can schedule tweets so I remember to market and not just converse.  I have a habit of being too chitty-chatty and I want to remember to talk about business too – scheduling makes it easy for me to do this and have a consistent presence.

18. I can take the online interaction and turn it into a face-to-face meeting once I have gotten to know someone. This takes away the anxiety of meeting someone for the first time because, even though you have only talked on Twitter, you really do feel like you know each other.

19. I can host tweet ups and meet lots of Twitter users at one time.

20. I can favorite testimonials and create a “feel good wall” for myself. Check out my Twitter Favorites here.

21. I can always find someone to talk to when I am bored and although this may sound funny, sometimes we all crave some type of interaction. Twitter makes it easy to connect and do that.

22. I can easily install the Twitter widget on my website so people can follow me and vice versa when I go to other sites.

23. I can access and easily interact using my Smartphone, which is how I interact with Twitter the most.  I love the Twitter App on my iPhone and I use it a LOT.

24. I can use it to build my list, and invite people to my webinars by sharing the details around what I am doing and they are interested. I can tell from the stats on my website.

25. I can follow The Voice, American Idol and The XFactor and feel like a rockstar when The X Factor replies to my tweets :-) (Corny I know, but I love it)

Twitter to me is one of the coolest things to ever happen on the web. You can come and go as you please, and you can use it however you want.  There are no RULES (people may tell you otherwise but don’t listen) around how you use Twitter, you can spend as much or as little time there as you want.

I will say however, the more you put into it, the more you get back.

Twitter still scary for you? My Next Webinar with The Social Business Academy (click for more info) is all about Building Your Business through Twitter. It’s not too late to join!

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