10 Reasons You Should Use Twitter for Live Events

Just a couple of months ago I hit a major milestone. My 5th Twitter anniversary!

Yep, I have officially been on Twitter for 5 years and I love it even more than I did when I first joined. And not only do I love Twitter, but I also fully believe in the power it has to massively impact any business that utilizes it on a regular basis in the correct way.

Lisa Larter - Conference TwitterWhy do I believe in it so much? It’s because it has absolutely changed my business and is a big part of my success.

But, I wasn’t always a fan of Twitter. There was a time when just thinking about it had me frustrated and panicked because I realized that I had to learn it for my business but, no matter what I tried, I just couldn’t make sense of it.

So, I did what any smart business person does – I invested $200 in someone to teach me all about Twitter. It was the best $200 I have ever spent!

Today, Twitter is the top Social Network referring traffic to my website. I use it for many different things – to interact with my clients, to engage with prospects, to get fast answers to questions, for recommendations on products and services, and even to network before a live event.

As a matter of fact, I will be hosting a pre-conference workshop at the eWomenNetwork Conference on August 8th titled Tweet and Think on Your Feet. (Still not registered for the conference? Just click here and use code larterVIP and for only $997 you’ll get access to the conference plus 3 great bonuses!)

As the Chief Social Officer for eWomenSocial Advantage, I can’t stress enough how important it is to use Social Media platforms before, during and after a big event. It can be the key to connecting with someone that can literally change your business and your life.

Here are 10 Reasons You Should Use Twitter for Live Events:

  1. Using hashtags like #eWNConf allow you to connect with others before an event so you aren’t walking into a room of strangers <—-Click to Tweet this!
  2. You can add people you meet to a list so it is really simple to followup and keep in touch with those you meet.
  3. Hosting a “Tweetup” is an excellent way to meet face-to-face before the event begins. Then the conference or gathering is a way to catch up with friends instead of an intimidating networking obligation.
  4. Once you build a relationship with those you meet at the event you can invite them via Twitter to sign up for your emails or connect on your Facebook page or LinkedIn profile. This will help build your list.
  5. With mobile apps you can have Twitter with you throughout the event and can interact live with others who are there as well as those not able to be there.
  6. You can host a Tweet Chat before the event to get everyone together online and get to know one another better. You chat in real time and it is engaging, interactive and fun!
  7. You can share with your Twitter followers what you see, hear and experience at the event via Tweets, Retweets, images, videos and more.
  8. Twitter makes it super easy to tell others about the awesome person you just met at the event that they really need to connect with.
  9. You can find and connect with businesses and traveler services in the city where the event will be taking place. This can come in really handy when you only have your phone on you and you need a cab or are looking for a great Italian restaurant for dinner.
  10. You can schedule Tweets ahead of time to be posted while you are at the event that will promote your business, your freebie, etc. Nothing pushy, but just a little reminder of who you are, what you do and what you offer so that new followers get a chance to see. Make sure you include links to your website.

Twitter is great because it is the perfect combination of business tool and personal conversation engine all wrapped up in one platform.

Tell me, why do you love Twitter for live events? Share in the comments below!

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  1. Really good list here that I indeed shared on Twitter and will share on FB too. It definitely complements a webinar I did earlier this year concerning using social media to promote events. I do 1,5,7,10 of your list A LOT!

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