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You’re Being Creeped

It starts with Google. They type in your name, (or the name of your business) and they click on your website. If the homepage of your website is compelling, the next link they click will be about you. After that, they’ll likely click onto your blog to read your content, perspective, opinions and IP.

From there, they’re going to click on one of the social media icons that link them into your (very public and private) life so they can learn a bit more about you. Expect that they will look at the last 5-10 things you’ve posted on each social channel, and they’ll check who you’re connected to that they know.

They’ll consume the way you communicate, the language you use, whether or not you use profanity in your messaging, and whether or not your content is politically slanted and if so, if it’s in alignment with their values.

They might even reach out to someone who knows you and ask a few questions.

After ALL of that, and if every data point feels right to them – they will reach out and contact you.agence-olloweb-520914-unsplash (1)

Your website and your social media channels are your silent sales partner.

Those two things tell people who you are, what you’re about, what you know, and how your product or services can or cannot help them.

When your messaging is unclear, inconsistent, or off-putting, you’ve lost the opportunity for business without even knowing it was there.

When your message is clear, your content and presence is consistent, and your values and language resonate with your buyer…you’ve gained a new opportunity.

Don’t kid yourself, your next customer is creeping you before they reach out.  Some will and some won’t, but for you as a business owner, it’s important to ask yourself:

  1. Is my website messaging clear? Does it clearly convey what I do?
  1. Is my social media presence professional? Do I like who I see when I go back and look, or do I see things that I would prefer a potential client not to read?
  1. Is my content current?  Am I demonstrating that I add new content to my website weekly via my blog? Am I sharing relevant and useful information daily on social media?
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In January, I received an email from someone inquiring about my coaching services. She had attended an event with another coach, met someone who used to work with me, and then heard this person mention my name on her Podcast.

From there, the creeping began and then she reached out and became a client of mine.

During a recent conversation, I described this process to her and asked her if she had done this prior to deciding to work with me and her response was, “Yes, every single thing you’ve just assumed about me, is what I did.”

Are you making the right assumptions about how your next client is assessing you?

Leave me a comment and let me know if YOU go through the same process when you’re considering working with someone.


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  1. Hi Lisa, it took me a while to figure out what exactly do you mean on Facebook by saying “you’re being creeped”, but while reading this article -which is magnificent by the way-, I figured it out. Yes, many times it happens.. You have to use strategy as a professional. Hell, even as a customer you have to use strategy sometimes these days! Keep up the good work, keep us informed and keep helping us to see the big picture! Thank you for being over there!! From the other side of the Atlantic, from sunny Greece, my best wishes!!

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