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Is Different Better?

Sally Hogshead wrote the book Fascinate, and I’ve heard her say many times, “Different is better than better.
Is different better? In a noisy space, and a competitive market, how you are different speaks volumes over how you are better.

Different gets noticed. Better is often debatable and is usually opinion based.

Different cannot be disputed.

Is Different Better?

If you want people to notice you, if you really want to stand out in your business, you must do the work of figuring out how you are different.

Warning: this is not easy work…

A client of mine recently flew me to the Jersey Shore to do this work with her. Five very smart people spent an entire day together brainstorming how their company was different and what that messaging needed to look like.different better

We came up with idea after idea, and as we looked at each one, it became obvious that most of our ideas were better, but not different.

There were moments when we wanted to give up, walk away, leave it for another day but we didn’t. We stuck to it, and mid-afternoon something magical happened.

How they were different became crystal clear.

If you really want to stand out, you must do the challenging work of figuring out how. It’s not easy to do this work, and that’s why most people won’t ever spend the time figuring it out. It’s also why some companies, a very small percentage, transcend competition and stand out like beacons for their buyers to find.

It is obvious exactly why they are different.

If you want to do this work, I suggest you do it with someone who can help you and who won’t let you give up.

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You should also survey your top ten customers and ask them, “How are we different?”Your customers will give you insights you didn’t expect and will help you shape your messaging.

As for what Sally said, she’s right. Different IS better than better.

Comment below and tell me how you’re different – not better,  but different!


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  1. Hey Lisa,

    Thanks for this article. It is important that we lean in to our difference. I believe learning to leverage your difference is a skill that you have to continually develop. It’s so tempting to follow the path blazed by others thinking it will lead to success. When it’s the hard work of knowing yourself and the value of your work that leads to meaningful success.

    • Thanks Jennifer, I agree, it is important that we lean into our differences and take the time to explore and embrace what makes us different. A couple weeks ago at an event, I was fortunate enough to have other people reflect back to me what makes me different. It was a humbling and eye opening experience.

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