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Why Do Some People Fast Track?

Have you ever found yourself comparing yourself to someone else in the same industry as you? You’ve probably thought, “What are they doing, that I’m not doing?”

Let’s use Jill and Jane (hypothetical characters) as examples of why people fast track.

Jill and Jane both have a business in the same industry. They started at the same time, yet Jill continues to struggle to build her business while Jane has become wildly successful.

You may identify with Jill or Jane. If you look around and see someone who has bypassed you in terms of business success, it could be a good time to learn why.

The first thing you need to discern is whether your perception is the reality. I’ve seen people fabricate success through misleading information related to the success of their business, snazzy photo shoots and buying their way into successful circles of people otherwise known as “elite masterminds.” In many cases, the story of success you’re consuming isn’t completely true because these individuals are spending every penny they make designing the perception you’re buying into.

There are however the Jane’s out there who are nailing it.

What is it that sets them apart? And how can you learn from them and model what they have done to fast track your own success?


Jane is confident. She knows who she is and she isn’t afraid to step out and be seen. She articulates her message clearly, she speaks well, and she uses her words wisely. There is an aura about her that says she has everything under control and she does. She has solid business foundations, she is in control of her money, her clients adore her and she has earned the respect of her peers and community.


Jane is also good at what she does. She is not bluffing and espousing other people’s thought leadership. She has cultivated her own systems for doing what she does and made them proprietary to her. The work she does works. Her clients get great results and they rave about her to others without her asking them to do so. Slowly but surely she has built this solid reputation and people trust her implicitly.


Jane is happy. She has a zest for life, she’s enthusiastic and regularly uses humor to connect with others. She is no shrinking violet, and she goes out of her way to connect with people and ensure they feel good in her presence. Jane doesn’t get mired down in negativity, complaints or gossip. She has high integrity and a zest for life.


Jane is put together. She takes care of herself. She dresses well and is always prepared in any situation. Jane looks good, she sounds good and she makes a good impression when she connects with people.

Jill, on the other hand, does not have the same confidence and business savvy, she questions her judgment and the value of her work daily, she is reserved and worried about making a bad impression. She doesn’t put much effort into how she looks because she isn’t ready to be seen.

Jill is waiting for success to arrive as though she will be the recipient of some award whereas Jane is out there making it happen.

Don’t wait for success to arrive as though you’re a recipient of an award, get out and make it happen Share on X

Some comparison is inevitable. You will always look at someone who is where you’d like to be in your business and aspire to be like them. I’m suggesting you go deeper and study what has contributed to their success and see how you can start to model your own behavior after others who have done what you wish you could do.

Why Do Some People Fast Track?Where are you right now in your business? Are you Jane, or are you Jill?

If you’re secretly thinking you’re Jill, you probably don’t want to admit it, am I right? Of COURSE, you want to be Jane.

The good news is, that you CAN be Jane, and I’m going to tell you how:

  1. Put in a conscious effort to build your confidence.

It takes confidence to build confidence, and it’s something that takes lots of work each and every day. Take some time to read this blog post on what I do to build my confidence every single day: https://lisalarter.com/it-takes-confidence/

  1. Create a routine that works.

Get up in the morning and do something that is good for you. Starting the day off on the right foot is invaluable. Go for a walk, write in your journal, or read. Do something that positively impacts your body and mind. (And no, getting that extra hour of sleep doesn’t count)

  1. Understand how your money flows and don’t be scared to get down and dirty with numbers.

When you fully understand your financial situation, and you can anticipate the fluctuations in your business, you gain a type of control that is really valuable. It may be time for you to Clean Up Your Money Habits.

  1. Dress to impress.

No, I’m not telling you to go out and spend money you don’t have on a brand new wardrobe. You need to walk the talk, and your appearance has an impact on how people feel about you. Wake up and choose to present yourself in a professional way. Not only will people take you more seriously, you’ll also feel better about yourself. So unless you’re a yoga instructor – put those lulus away!

  1. Practice your introduction.

It may sound silly, but when you meet someone, and they ask, “what do you do?” you need to have a solid answer. No “uhm’s” allowed. Although it seems simple, far too many people are getting stuck tripping over that answer. Practice it in the mirror and be prepared. When you are able to confidently articulate what you do, it’s an automatic good first impression.

Jane and Jill may be hypothetical characters, but they are real situations that I encounter on a regular basis.

There is no such thing as an overnight success, but you CAN do these things to fast-track your results.

Out of the four strengths above, which do you think do you do best – confidence, competence, enthusiasm, or appearance? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Lisa, I couldn’t agree more with your suggestion to “practice your introduction”. I’m always surprised when an entrepreneur can’t answer immediately, with confidence and enthusiasm when I ask, “So what do you do?” When someone does nail it, I’m drawn to them, I want to know more. They become “sticky” in my mind and I’m more likely to think of them when an opportunity to help or refer someone comes up. Imo, it’s the very first step to owning your entrepreneurial space in the public domain.

    Great post!

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