Why You’re Not Getting Referrals

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to effortlessly build their business through a non-stop source of referrals while you’re left wondering why no one is referring their clients, friends and colleagues to you?

There are many reasons that this can happen, from the quality of your work to the size of your network, the strength of your brand or the savviness of your website – but there are two key reasons, often overlooked that can contribute to an absence of referrals.

john-lockwood-1197691-unsplash1) People don’t understand what you do.

2) You keep changing lanes.

When people struggle to understand what you do, they won’t refer you business.

When you keep changing your focus and marketing message, you confuse people and once again, make it hard for them to really understand what it is you do.

One important thing to remember when it comes to referrals is this:

People want to look good when they refer someone to you.  

If they don’t get what you do or trust that you’ll keep doing it, they won’t feel confident sending someone your way. They’ll be afraid that their referral could end up reflecting poorly on them…therefore they won’t give one.

When you’re constantly changing up your messaging and your services, you’re confusing your audience and without even knowing it, you’re degrading trust.

In their 2008 book, Made to Stick, the Heath brothers coined the 10,000 hours rule for mastery in any given field. Sadly, in today’s world where the barrier to entry to start a business is so low, few people are committed to the long term gain.

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If you can commit, you’ll create a business and reputation that sticks.

Leave me a comment and let me know, how long have you been in your current business?


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