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Have you ever got a service for free and then it all fell apart?

As you network for your business you will inevitably need a service or product that someone else can provide and be approached by someone who wants to do it for you for free in order to build a relationship with your company. Or, maybe you’ve been thinking about doing just this sort of thing for someone else you want to connect with. But before you do this, you need to know one very important thing…

Free Is Too Expensive!

Now I’m not talking about free offers to those who visit your site or a free webinar – these types of “freebies” are good for your business.

I am talking about providing something to someone else for free in order to show what you have to offer or in expectation of getting business from them. This type of “free” is too expensive because it can cause a devaluation of your work, hard feelings and can even hurt the business of others in your field.

Watch the video below for more about why free is too expensive.

Have you learned the hard way about the expense of free? Share with me in the comments. I want to hear about it!


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  1. This is right on time for me. I just did a year long pilot program for free. Got a good testimonial and am using that in my marketing but never again. Thanks Lisa

  2. Thanks Lisa
    From the beginning, one of my intentions was to mayby start lectures for free, just to “get out there” and show people who i am. You made me change my mind about that. Especially when it comes to looking at what i can do and not diminish myself.

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