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Using Facebook Groups to Build Relationships

Using Facebook groups to build stronger relationships with your existing community is a simple process – growing your community will grow your business.

Facebook groups can be set up in one of three ways – private, closed or open groups. With private groups only the admins can add people and the group does not turn up in any public searches – until you’re invited you can’t see its members or its content. A closed group is visible on Facebook but non-members can only see the admins and who is in the group – no content. A public group is wide open with no membership restrictions.

All of my groups are set to closed because there is a little bit of privacy around the content being shared – you have to be a member to see it. I use them for people who are part of my programs – almost like a members forum, and I also use closed groups to build community and that’s one of the ways I’m able to build my list and increase sales in my business.

I have a closed group called Profit Primer, which is accessible at, and it has close to 2,000 members. We started this group in 2015 and its purpose is to help business owners increase sales and profits.

The second set of groups that I use are for paid members of my programs. I have a group for the Pilot to Profit Success System, as well as for my group-coaching program and also for my VIP clients. These groups provide a small, safe community for my coaching clients to interact with each other. It’s also easier for me to pay attention and interact with those people because I get notifications from the groups.

I have a few important tips to keep in mind when being the leader of a Facebook group…

1.) Make sure you have rules… and enforce them! My rule is no spamming and no pitching. If I see members do this I either call them out in front of everyone, or delete the post, and then block and remove them from the group.

2.) You want to treat people in your groups as though they are on your email list. You’re not always pitching to people on your list, you’re offering them valuable information and then giving them the chance to buy what you have to offer. Think of it like “PSPS” which is Problem Solution, Problem Seed – so AFTER you problem solve, then you problem seed by giving them the opportunity to purchase a product that may be able to help them further.

3.) Sticking with a theme on your Facebook page can be helpful. You don’t always have to follow it, but it can help when you’re not sure what to post that day. For example, Monday could be money, Wednesday for wisdom, and Friday could be fiscal responsibility. In addition to themes post what makes sense at that date and time – like holidays or special events.

Tell me, what is your experience with managing a Facebook group? Do you have any other tips and tricks to share? 


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